'Phubbing' is the trend that is ruining modern relationships

'Phubbing' is the trend that is ruining modern relationships

With the likes of Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid and more, as well as improving acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community, dating in the modern world is unlike any beast we've come across before. Now, with little more than a flick of the finger, you can potentially set yourself up with the love of your life, but somehow, we've found a way to ruin it all.

With all of these technological avenues to travel down, dating should be easier than ever, but if anything, finding someone to hold close in those warm winter months (or at least to hold the camera for you so you can take your Instagram game to the next level) is way more complicated than it really has any right being.

Take a quick trip to the internet, and you'll find plenty of articles describing all the ways people looking for love can be the absolute worst. You've probably heard of catfishing, but breadcrumbing and lovebombing are also dating phrases I swear I didn't make up for the purpose of this.

Now, we've got another insane trend that threatens to ruin modern relationships forever. For once, though, this has little to do with all the dire dating dances we have to contend with, and more to do with your activity once you've tricked some poor soul into loving you.

According to research undertaken at Baylor University, as many as 70 percent of relationships are being ruined by "phubbing". It sounds like some sort of obscene sex act conceived on the cartoon Rick and Morty, but I promise it isn't (at least not yet). Instead, it's an awkward portmanteau of "phone" and "snubbing", and you can probably guess what it means.

With a study consisting of 143 individuals, researchers at this Texas-based institution found that their partner's phone was an unwelcome guest in what would otherwise be a loving and fulfilling coupling. Phubbing has a massive impact on your relationship satisfaction, as well as life satisfaction, as study lead Dr James Roberts explains.

"The presence and use of cell phones are ever-increasing causing the boundaries that separate our work and other interests from our romantic relationships to become more and more blurred. As a result, the occurrence of phubbing is nearly inevitable. In fact, from a sample of 143 individuals involved in romantic relationships, 70% responded that cell phones ‘sometimes,’ ‘often,’ ‘very often,’ or ‘all the time’ interfered in their interactions with their partners."

Roberts also has gone as far as saying even glancing at your phone while with your partner can lead to that partner being significantly depressed.

"[Phubbing] can create a domino effect: As our study also showed, when we're not happily in love, we are also less likely to be satisfied, overall, with life. We’re also more likely to report that we are depressed."

So there you have it, folks. I know that our mobile phones are increasingly becoming a mainstay in all of our lives, but we should give our loved ones around us the attention they deserve. Otherwise, that phone you spend so much of your time with may end up being used to find another relationship entirely.