Study claims that men value their bromances over their relationships

Study claims that men value their bromances over their relationships

As women, it's difficult to understand the relationships that men have with their friends as, in most cases, they are very different to the often complex friendships that women form with their fellow females. But whilst female friendship is a beautiful thing, it's often portrayed in a two-dimensional manner in popular culture.

Most women-centric films to come out of Hollywood tend to depict women as perpetually quibbling with their inner circle, and often engaging in competitive behaviour. They also have one sole topic of conversation: men. Certainly, the friendships depicted in Mean Girls, Bridesmaids and Clueless were basically centred around discussing some desirable man or the other. But thankfully, in reality, it's not quite like that.

Male friendships, on the other hand, seem wholly centred around cultivating a sense of camaraderie. I mean, if you steer clear of talking about anything deep and meaningful, like your relationship with your girlfriend, you're sure to have a good time, aren't you? It comes as no surprise then, that men really do have a better time hanging out with their guy friend, rather than their girlfriend.

A recent study has confirmed that dudes have more fun hanging out with their mates than their significant other.

Researches quizzed 30 sports undergraduates at an unnamed British university on the differences between their "bromances" and their romantic relationship.

The scientists concluded that the men of our generation have discarded the machismo of yesteryear and are beginning to become more open and expressive about their emotions.

Contrary to popular belief, researchers determined that men found it easier to confide in their male friends, and as such found their friendships more "satisfying" than their relationship with their girlfriends and wives.

Moreover, many of the participants expressed the sentiment that they were less likely to be "nagged" by their guy friends.

The lead researcher asserted that the intimate and trusting nature of the bromance has provided young men a space outside of a heterosexual relationship where they can disclose their emotions. He continued:

"That study showed that young men openly pronounce love for their bromances and engage in highly intimate behaviours, both emotionally and physically, which have until recently been socially prohibited in same-sex male friendships." 

Explaining that men have begun to discard the age old conviction that being emotional makes them look "gay", the scientist said: "The level of physical and emotional intimacy expressed between heterosexual young men is dependent on a number of socio-historical variables" and "homosocial intimacy flourished before the modern era."

Well, I don't know about you but I'm not too surprised by these findings. I mean, I've watched the Hangover enough times to see that the boys were having a whale of a time, primarily because their wives and girlfriends weren't there to dampen the fun. Someone who is a pretty extreme example of this, is this man, who slept rough in the woods for 10 years after fleeing his wife's controlling behaviour...