Study says tall husbands and short wives have the best marriages

Study says tall husbands and short wives have the best marriages

It's not easy being a short guy. You can't see anything at concerts, you need step-stools to reach things on shelves and your dating prospects are severely limited. I know it's a cliche to say that women prefer taller men, but think about it: How often do you see a couple where the girl is taller than the guy, compared to vice versa? On some online dating apps, they even have filters so you can cut out everyone below a certain height. It's not fair. Hobbits get no love these days. No love!

Now life just got even worse for short men. According to a scientific study, tall husbands and short wives have the best marriages. Obviously, there are a lot of factors behind a good marriage - trust, communication, respect, whether or not you remember to put the toilet seat down. But given the importance of height in dating, it's worth taking a look at how height affects marriages.

In the study, researchers surveyed 8,000 participants, and found a correlation between the husband's height and the wife's happiness. The more inches separating the two physically, the more pleasure the wife felt. That's great news for couples like Hafþór Julius Björnsson, who is 6 foot nine inches, and Kelsey Henson, who is 5 feet, 2 inches. (You might recognize Björnsson as The Mountain from Game of Thrones.) However, this is only a factor for the first 18 years of marriage. After that point, size doesn't matter.

So, why are tall men considered so much more attractive than short men? It all has to do with how we treat people in society. The study revealed that taller men tend to feel more confident, and have higher self-esteem, so they seem more appealing. In addition, employers consider taller men to be more trustworthy and skillful. Therefore, they're likely to earn more money, and their spouses are more satisfied. (Also, when women date shorter men, they can wear high heels. Very important.)

It all goes back to evolution: Back in the old days, women were attracted to the tallest, strongest men, because they were the best hunter-gatherers. The shortest, weakest men were great with computers, but unfortunately those hadn't been invented yet. Those were dark days for short men. Tom Cruise would've never found a wife.

But don't despair, short men and tall women. In the study, the researchers point out that height shouldn't be a dealbreaker. It is just one factor out of many in a relationship. Whether you're short or tall, the little spoon or the big spoon, a hobbit or a giant, what matters the most is your emotional connection. I mean, who cares about hunter-gatherers these days? I don't want to be a hunter-gatherer. Sounds like a crappy job.

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