This is how to tell if you have fallen in love with the wrong person

This is how to tell if you have fallen in love with the wrong person

It can be hard to maintain a healthy, happy and balanced relationship. A lot of work goes into keeping a relationship healthy and it's a fairly common occurrence for people to be in love with the wrong person without realising.

As many of us dream of falling in love and all that comes with it, we're guilty of convincing ourselves that we are with the right person, when in reality, that couldn't be further from the truth. In order to be able to maintain a supportive and healthy relationship here's five things that will show you if you're with the wrong person.

1. You're not comfortable being apart

Part of a healthy relationship is being able to live your lives separately as well as together. If you and your partner are happy as an item, you should feel comfortable enough to spend time apart with friends and family. If this time makes you feel uncomfortable, there's more than likely underlying trust issues.

2. You don't know each other's love languages

Knowing your partner's love language is essential to a happy relationship. While you may prefer physical signs of affection, your partner might be more about being verbal in your love for one another. In order to be successful in your relationship, you need to learn and be able to adapt to your partner's love language.

3. You live in the past

If you're constantly living in the past despite the fact you're in a new relationship, that suggests that something is not right. Rather than focusing on people who have wronged you or relationships that have failed, focus on your future and what is to come.

4. You are withholding the truth

If you and your partner are withholding the truth about something, no matter how small it is, that should be a red flag in the relationship. The most important part of a relationship is trust and if you can't establish that with someone, then you're heading towards a failed relationship.

5. You struggle to find resolution

While it's never enjoyable, a common part of being in a relationship is arguing. If you and your partner are unable to find a peaceful resolution to your problems, it more than likely means that you're not very compatible. If you're with the right person, you should be able to iron things out together and maturely.

While it may seem like you and your partner are compatible, it's always wise to look out for signs such as this that suggest otherwise. Don't convince yourself you're happy when you're actually not, life is too short.