There's an invite-only version of Tinder just for hot rich people

There's an invite-only version of Tinder just for hot rich people

Maybe you already know about it, or maybe not... but there's a secret version of Tinder. While the rest of us are here using the peasant edition, little did we know there was something much better, with potentially better material to work with than the people sending you sad conversation starters or just downright nasty ones.

We all come to learn how to deflect creeps, smoothly manipulate the conversation into scenarios where you'll eventually meet, and to avoid anyone with the inevitable "I'm not like other girls" or "Fluent in sarcasm" on their profiles straight off the bat. So what if I told you there was a different version of Tinder, one that's invite-only, populated only by hot, rich and influential people? What about if I told you that even you – an ordinary, average Joe citizen – could also get access to this VIP club?

"How?!" I hear you beg. Well, here's what I can tell you about it.

It's called Tinder Select, and it's a free, premium version of the app offered only to a handful of the people using Tinder. It's designed to make it easier to match with other people, but only because it's only offered to highly popular Tinder users anyway. It means you'll see people who have a very high right-swipe success rate, which is basically a direct correlation to how physically attractive they are.

If you, or someone else is offered to use the Select service (you can toggle it on and off), your profile will get a swishy "S" logo and a blue border – but it's only visible to other Tinder Select members.

The secret version therefore has a higher... "calibre" of people avaiable to you in your area. One source told Techcrunch they were using the exclusive app extension, and saw that it’s “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder".

Business Insider reporter Nathan McAlone also claimed to have mosied his way into the VIP Tinder, although his conveniently punny surname for this experiment makes me suspicious. In any case, McAlone shared some spicy new details about what this club of beautiful, rich-and-famous singletons really is like.

But... it's kind of underwhelming. He said that it hardly looks any different from regular Tinder. It's actually not a separate area, but just the regular Tinder feed with just a few different colours. He confirmed that you can spot other Tinderonis using Select with the little label next to their names, but he also added that there were very few of them.

What's worse, McAlone said "Most of the Tinder Select members I've seen in the past worked in tech or in PR.” Ugh, certainly NOT the sparkly celebs I was imagining.

The lack of A-listers on McAlone's feed makes us wonder about how exclusive this exclusive service really is. According to the reporter, the real payoff with Tinder Select is that you get waaay more matches. Because of the super-smart algorithm in this version, you are more likely to match with people.

"It feels like some giant Cupid is sitting on your side of the scale," McAlone said. And judging by the way it's supposed to work, it's still likely that hot people are guaranteed to be on it, even if they're not exactly famous.

The interesting thing is that Tinder has never officially acknowledged the VIP app service exists, even though hundreds of users have been sharing their experiences with it. Whether it truly exists or not, the secrecy of the whole thing only makes it more enticing.