Twitter can't get enough of this teen's response to getting dumped

Twitter can't get enough of this teen's response to getting dumped

We all, at one point or the other, have been dumped or had the unfortunate task of extricating ourselves from a relationship that's turned sour. The pain of heartbreak is something that's been well chronicled since the dawn of mass media; immortalised in literature, poetry and just about every film that's come out of Hollywood, we've known since we were mere tots that we're undoubtedly going to experience heartbreak at some point.

While my method of choice for getting over a broken heart is indulging in vats of Ben and Jerry's, other people are decidedly more dramatic. Some even choose to uproot their lives by moving far, far away from their hometown, ensuring that they're never subjected to any unpleasant reminders of their past relationship. One Purdue University student, however, had a rather original response to being dumped...

19-year-old Emma Vowell was dumped by her boyfriend at the most inconvenient time. The sophomore student had secretly purchased skydiving tickets for her and her beau to celebrate his birthday, but before Emma had a chance to unveil the gift, her boyfriend broke up with her.

Naturally, Emma didn't want the experience to go to waste so instead of discarding the tickets or presenting her ex with them, she chose to not let heartbreak get in the way of her having a grand 'ol time.

To help her get over her breakup and put the rather expensive tickets to use, Emma created a Tinder profile for the sole purpose of finding a good looking companion to accompany her on the skydiving adventure.

She wrote:

"Purdue. ZTA. Interesting story, my ex broke up with me the week of his birthday, so now I awkwardly have 2 skydiving tickets above the Chicago skyline that expire in November. Deada** just looking for a hot guy to go with instead. Zero percent of me wants to hook up with you. Lmfao lemme know if ur downnnn"

Emma told Buzzfeed News that she received over 50 responses from men who were all too keen to take her up on the offer. However, one Tinder user stood out: 22-year-old fellow Purdue student, Austin.

The 22-year-old approached the situation with absolute professionalism.

I mean, what kind of guy offers to send a girl his resume?

Sure enough, Austin kept to his word and sent over his CV to Emma. And not only was his resume very professional indeed, but he attached a cover letter which detailed all of the platonic ways in which he could possibly repay Emma for the skydiving experience.

Naturally, the internet urged Emma to choose Austin to take on the skydiving experience:

Emma ensured that she kept Twitter updated on how everything was going. "Since people keep asking, Austin and I are getting coffee tomorrow and are planning on going skydiving together October 28th," she wrote on Twitter.

Well, isn't that a love story for the books? It's definitely one to tell the grandkids.