Unluckiest man alive drops $3,000 engagement ring in pond during proposal

Unluckiest man alive drops $3,000 engagement ring in pond during proposal

I can only imagine that planning a proposal must be as stressful as planning a wedding. Discreetly trying to figure out his/her ring size, budgeting how you'll pay for it, and then organising the setting and timing of the proposal itself. Not to mention practising getting down on one knee so you don't get a cramp halfway through the big moment.

But there are some things you just can't prepare for.

Seth Dixon had been with his girlfriend Ruth Salas for four years. The Kansas City couple went for a stroll in Loose Park a few Saturdays ago, and shared a romantic moment on a footbridge overlooking a pond. Suddenly, to Ruth's surprise, Seth got down on one knee and presented a telltale little box.

But just as she realised what was happening, Seth fumbled with the ring and it slipped out of his hands, bouncing a few times on the wooden planks of the bridge before falling through a gap into the pond below.

It's been revealed that the ring was worth $3,000 ring and Seth, who works as an Uber driver, is still making payments on it. He's had it since December. The video went viral, and some people questioned whether it was a hoax.

“It’s absolutely real. I wish it wasn’t,” Seth told a local newspaper.

“We freaked out,” Ruth added. “It ping-ponged from one plank to another. You could hear a little plop.”


After it happened, the couple decided to wade through the pond to look for the ring. They sifted through silt, fishing for the small $3,000 treasure through mud, sticks and algae until it got dark.

The next day they came back with a man wielding a metal detector who they hired in the hopes of finding the ring. But it was no good. The couple then went to their church and told people about their situation. A sizeable group of people agreed to help them and took to the swamp after the service.

Lucky for everyone, the couple's friend of 17 years, Maddie Villareal, was filming the proposal and captured the moment of the dropped ring for all to see:

“We probably had 25 people there. I think we had like 12 people in the water all at once,” said fellow church-goer and wedding photographer Staci Dabney. She took her camera along to photograph the search effort, although no-one found the ring.

But the amazingly sympathetic response from people didn't end there.

Ruth and Seth were invited onto Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the couple were surprised with a chance for an "I do-over". A replica footbridge was installed on stage, complete with park backdrop, a sparkly new oval cut diamond ring (surrounded by 100 smaller diamonds, no less), and a man holding a large fishing net on standby.

They recreated the moment, this time with no hiccups. Seth didn't drop the ring, Ruth said yes, and the man shook his net in victory.

Amazingly, around the same time, a good samaritan named Michael Long drove to the pond after hearing the news online, and with his metal detector found the ring after three hours. He also found 25 nails and a toy car.

The couple now hold onto two engagement rings when a few weeks ago they had none. Looks like it's a happy ending after all.