Woman asked Twitter for a wedding date and ended up getting married

Woman asked Twitter for a wedding date and ended up getting married

Twitter is a strange place. I often regard it as the greatest website in the world, purely because it is complete madness at times. Among the political rants, trolls and racism, you can find the dankest memes, incredible stories, and in some rare cases; you can find love.

This is certainly the case for the following couple who found love in the strangest way and are now set to get married, all thanks to Twitter.

Say hello to Madison O'Neill and Chuck Dohrmann, an adorable young couple who are set to have the most interesting story to tell their children about how they met.

It's safe to say that people my age (early-mid twenties) will go down as the "Tinder Generation". We will be the generations of moms and dads that met on Tinder, had an awkward first date at a bar with awful conversation and then went on to get hitched and have children. However, while meeting on an app is common for a lot of young couples these days, Madison and Chuck's story is a bit more unique.

It all started in October 2015 when Madison sent out an innocuous tweet looking for a date to a friends wedding.

Amazingly, her request was answered by Chuck Dohrmann, who slid into Madison's DM's and began laying the foundations for the relationship which was to follow.

In a recent tweet, O'Neill said that she and Dohrmann had attended the same high school but they weren't friends and never really spoke to each other.

"We went to the same high school but he was a grade older and I always thought he was obnoxious," wrote O'Neill. "But we didn't actually know each other."

Despite the fact that the pair didn't really know each other, they attended the wedding together and they seem to have had a pretty good time, because here they are two years later:

Look at that! If you wade through the murky waters of rants, trash and troll on Twitter, you might find your potential life partner. Love is everywhere, and this story is testament to that.

Unsurprisingly, the Twittersphere was very happy for the couple, with many people gushing over the story as well as requesting an invite to the wedding in the hope that they will meet their potential fiancé.

Can you genuinely imagine the conversation they will have when they eventually end up having children?

Kid: "Mom and Dad, how did you meet?"

O'Neill: "Well, it all started when Mommy put out a tweet, which could only be 140 characters at this time, asking for a date to a wedding. Daddy slid into Mommy's DM's and the rest, as they say, is history".

In all fairness, it's a lovely story and congratulations to both of them on their engagement, we wish them all the best for the future. If you're after more heartwarming news, why not check out these 15 stories that prove you can fall in love at anytime.