This woman is dividing opinion after saying she wants to leave her husband for the most hilarious reason

This woman is dividing opinion after saying she wants to leave her husband for the most hilarious reason

Like most good things in life, a healthy relationship requires putting in a significant amount of effort. You've got to make the odd compromise here and there, do your bit around the house and put up with their family over the holidays. Y'know, that sort of thing.

However, once you've achieved that happy relationship status, you can't just give up on all the work it took to get there. You still have to watch Stranger Things with them, and they still have to watch Game of Thrones with you. You've still got to do the washing up in the evening - just like they have to do the drying. And, yes, you do have to talk to their weird Uncle Bob at Christmas, because you both know that they are willing to make polite conversation with your grumpy Aunt Jean.

Although they might seem like small things when you break them down, these little situations really are the cement that holds all the bricks of the relationship together. So, when one of you fails to hold up your end of the bargain, the partnership starts to crumble.

And that's exactly what happened with one woman who considered leaving her husband of 10 years... because of some damaged underwear.

Writing under the username 'Sprinklestar' on Mumsnet, the woman posted in the "Am I Being Unreasonable [AIBU]" section to ask, "AIBU to leave DH [Darling Husband] over ruined underwear?"

She goes on to explain:

"We have been together years, known each other forever. Today, yet again, he washed my hand wash only underwear in the machine and ruined it. I have lost count of the number of times he has done this.

"It is just such a waste and will need replacing. We must have had this scenario every year for the past ten. 

"It's like that thing on the internet about the man whose wife left him over a cup left on the side, its the constant drip drip drip effect and never learning.

"I can't stand his incompetence anymore. How hard is it to check a label? And not mess with the stuff in the separate handwash only basket?!

"I am so angry."

Ok, let's break this down into the facts: a woman asks husband to do something, husband doesn't listen. Rinse and repeat for 10 years.

See, I can see how this would get ever so slightly aggravating after a while. But what did Mumsnet have to say?

One mom urged the woman to teach her husband a lesson by getting him to pay for the damage. "Get him to buy the replacement set," she said. "And not at his leisure either, tomorrow. Even better if the only shop he can but it is miles away."

Others weren't as sympathetic: "Simple answer would be don't buy handwash only underwear or wash it yourself. I wouldn't expect DH to handwash my knickers."

And another user pointed out a simple solution to the problem: "My DH was like this. I allocated him other jobs to do, problem solved. Frankly, I would have done this 9 years ago."


So, what's your stance on this? Should she chuck her uncooperative husband, or just deal with the fact that he's useless at one or two things? Either way, it seems like this husband and wife need to just talk things over, rather than rambling on about it to some internet strangers.