Woman finds lost engagement ring on a carrot in her garden

Woman finds lost engagement ring on a carrot in her garden

There are a few things in life that are immensely annoying to lose. Your passport is one, your drivers license is another, however, losing your engagement ring, which you have had for over 50 years, has to be the worst of them all. Engagement rings have an insane amount of sentimental value attached to them, so when you lose one, it's pretty much like losing a huge part of your life.

In 2004, Mary Grams from Alberta, Canada, was working on her family farm when she lost her diamond engagement ring in the dirt. Mary believes that it slipped off when she ripped a weed out of the ground during some gardening. However, she didn't tell her husband about the incident, as she feared he would get into an argument with her and decided it wasn't worth the aggravation.

"We looked high and low on our hands and knees. We couldn't find it. I thought for sure either they rototilled it or something happened to it. I didn't tell him, even, because I thought for sure he'd give me heck or something," she said in an interview with the CBC.

Mary had owned the ring since 1951, the year before she and her husband Norman, who passed away five years ago, got married. She quickly got the ring replaced for something much smaller to replace it, hoping that Norman wouldn't notice that fact that the original one was missing.

However, 13 years down the line and Mary's daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, pulled this beauty out of the ground when working on the farm, and no one could believe their eyes.

Yep, there it is. Mary's ring had miraculously latched itself onto a carrot, which ended up growing through the ring and shaping to it. Speaking about the improbable find, Daley said:

"I knew it had to belong to either grandma or my mother-in-law. because no other women have lived on that farm. I asked my husband if he recognized the ring. And he said yeah. His mother had lost her engagement ring years ago in the garden and never found it again. And it turned up on this carrot.

"If you look at it, it grew perfectly around the [ring]. It was pretty weird looking," Daley said. "I've never seen anything like that. It was quite interesting."

Of course, Mary was absolutely delighted to find her old engagement ring, and says that when she slid it back on to her finger, it still fit perfectly. Gram's husband died a month after the couple's 60th wedding anniversary and she says that she is looking forward to wearing the original ring once again.

"Im going to wear it because it still fits," Mary said.

What an incredible story, it seems like Mary's luck was in. I mean, what are the chances of a carrot growing through your lost engagement ring, and then being pulled out of the ground? If I was Mary, I'd be playing the lottery over the next few days, you never know what might happen!