Woman live-tweets entire conversation of a girlfriend demolishing her cheating boyfriend

Woman live-tweets entire conversation of a girlfriend demolishing her cheating boyfriend

A Twitter user named Ashe Dryden managed to stumble upon a very fascinating conversation over lunch. Rather, she got to hear a cheating boyfriend get absolutely wrecked by the woman he was cheating on. Her full chain of tweets, which is rather extensive, will be written like normal paragraphs, so that it's coherent.

Dryden begins:

"omg the woman next to me just confronted the man with her because she found out he’s been seeing her while in another long-term relationship. she is not having it lol. y’all she found out because his girlfriend called her! The guy is nervously shaking his leg and can’t look at her while she calmly eats her food and lays into him. I haven’t heard him saying anything but stuttered sentence fragments and animal-in-pain noises and shes like:"

"Dude: “But we were unhappy. She spent $25k on her credit card!” 

Do you think men learn critical thinking skills at any point or-"

Her next point is interrupted by this hilarious exchange:

"Waiter: are you two thinking about dessert?

Him: no

Her: (to him) are you joking rn?

(To waiter) yes, a cappuccino and chocolate cake"

Now, it starts getting heated, and Dryden has been roped in by this girl's charisma:

"Do you think it would be inappropriate for me to propose to this woman while she eats her chocolate cake over his tears? 

Her: no I really wanna know what you were thinking.

Him: I don’t know. It was an accident, it just happened!"

"Her: I can’t believe I wasted my vacation days on you. 

God I love this woman. She’s like… not even mad? She’s cracking up at this guy as he realizes his whole personal life is now [trash emoji]. I wish I could covertly record a video of this guy’s hands. It’s like someone brand new learning to operate a Muppet.

Her: you’re like, offended by the fact that I found out. What did you think was gonna happen? Him: I don’t know, okay, I don’t know.

Her: no, look at me. Actually you know what, don’t look at me. You’re trying to make this about your feelings, I can see it in your reaction"

"Her: This is gonna sound mean, but I’m gonna find someone new right away and be happy while you’ll still be a cheating loser

Her: I’m jumping to massive conclusions here, but I swear I have very little confidence in your ability to be a good guy, Brad.

Her: you’re aggressively passive aggressive. You’re extremely irreverent, cynical guy and every convo we’ve had is you just undermining me

Her: you had me and this is what you chose to do with that opportunity."

"Her: maybe I’m being super vague but I’m at a crossroads here. I used to be comfortable and now I wanna do a TED talk.

Her: I wanna talk about me. I’m not talking about you anymore.

Her: I like that I never have to worry about you again. What a relief.

Her: I’m glad we did this because I never have to do this again, you know what I mean? No, you don’t. My shit is open and yours is bullshit.

Her: again, way more info than you deserve, but I’d feel bad about this if you showed any genuine remorse"

What else can be said? His whole life got demolished. Time to throw in the towel, Brad, you failed at life.