The woman who married herself has cheated on herself

The woman who married herself has cheated on herself

If you're in a relationship, it's likely than one of your biggest fears is that your other half might be cheating on you. It happens to us all; you might see a suspicious text or smell a different fragrance on them, or they might be staying out longer than usual, leading to you thinking they're up to something. Half the time, it's nothing and you're just being your stupid, paranoid self. Although, if you have been cheated on you will know it sucks, and that it destroys all concepts of trust that you previously held.

But for Sophie Tanner, her partner cheating on her was especially complex. Sophie got married in 2015 and everything was going well until her partner had a five month affair. But rather than divorce her partner, Sophie's situation was a lot more complex because her partner is, well... herself.

Back in 2015, Sophie married herself after finding it difficult to find Mr. Right, leading to her giving up and tying the knot at a small wedding where she was given away by her father. However, appearing on This Morning, she admitted to having a five-month affair with a man called Rauri, who was a polyamorist (someone with more than one lover) at the time.

The relationship didn't end very well and made Rauri consider his decision to by a polyamorist. Speaking about his lifestyle, he said that he found it difficult to have so many lovers, of whom there were "about seven".

However, Ruari revealed that he eventually decided he needed to stop, and he came to the conclusion that he should marry himself instead. "I was incapable of loving myself when I was polyamorous, but now I know how to love others."

Speaking about her reasons behind marrying herself, Sophie said that there is more to self-marriage than meets the eye. While the majority of us may think it's pretty unusual, given that we have to stand by ourselves till death do us part, self-marriage gurus say that they're promoting self love and celebrating being single.

"Self-marriage is about self-love. It's saying that self-compassion and self-care is as important as romantic relationships.

"It doesn't mean you're rejecting all other meaningful relationships in your life and becoming a nun forever more. It means you're rejecting bad relationships. If only there was more self-love in the world, we wouldn't need ceremonies like this.

"This is a statement which looks to raise the profile of self-love, saying it's as important as romantic love and doing it as a formal ceremony as anyone else would have a wedding. Marrying yourself is a lifelong commitment to be responsible for your own happiness, so divorce is not an option."

Whatever you think of self-marriage, this is a pretty messed up situation. Imagine marrying yourself, only to then cheat on yourself? Do you get annoyed at you? Do you threaten divorce and plead for yourself back? How does this work? It's a brave new world out there.