Women reveal the 7 things they love most during sex

Women reveal the 7 things they love most during sex

Just like it is with film, food and television, everyone likes something different when it comes to sex. While some couples prefer quickies because they fit in with their hectic schedules, others make a whole song and dance about the act, and purchase flowers, candles, and the like, just to make it that bit more special.

Now, thanks to some patriarchal plot or the other, society has historically failed to understand the female sexual experience. And as such, many men can feel intimidated when it comes to pleasuring their woman. It's evident, however, that with the right education, direction, and a sprinkling of confidence, men can quash this harmful stereotype. Want to take the first step? Have a read of these 7 things that women love most during sex.

1. Kissing 

It's often understated how important making out is; not only does it get you all riled up, but it's also the natural prelude to foreplay. Just keep your eyes shut, please.

2. Nibbling

Some gentle nibbling and sucking is the best way to get your woman in the mood, stat. Try sucking gently on her neck, and if she seems to be enjoying it, work your way up to her ears. But don't linger too long in the same spot, lest you remind her of Edward Cullen.

3. Show her that you want it 

There's nothing sexier than knowing that your man is super into it. Show your partner that you desire her, whether that's vocally or through some steamy, sustained eye-contact.

4. Undress her slowly 

Again, this is a great way to demonstrate that you find your lady super hot. Tease her by stripping her layer by layer, she'll seriously love you for it.

5. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay

This one goes without saying, but it's proven that the longer the foreplay, the better the result. So take your sweet time here.

6. Whispering 

Not only is it an incredibly tactile sensation, but again, it lets your partner know that you're very much in the moment.

7. Being open to her desires 

While you're doing in the deed, always be aware of how your partner is reacting. Her body language will tell you whether to speed up, slow down or to mix things up. Also, before you even get beneath the sheets, talk to her about her desires, and see whether you can fulfil them.

Well, there you have it. Take the time to do these 7 things and you'll have your woman begging for round two.

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