Teachers reveal the bizarre reasons they were fired

Teachers reveal the bizarre reasons they were fired

Being a teacher is undoubtedly a tough job. According to research conducted in 2016, almost a third of teachers quit the industry after five years, citing stress and underpay for their reasons for leaving. But, while the majority of teachers quit the industry, some are fired before they even get the chance. Whether it's due to not being able to maintain a class, or down to their appearance, there a host of reasons why a teacher may be fired from the workplace.

The below list reveals some of the reasons teachers have been fired from work, and while some of them seem fairly reasonable, others are simply bizarre. Check them out and see what you think.

1. Fight for what you believe in

2. Fired for fulfilling your responsibility?

3. Was this the "official" reason?

4. Why not just wear long sleeves?

5. To be fair, no one likes a knobbly knee

6. How did they find out?

7. Better late than never... or not

8. Sounds like you had a lucky escape

9. I'd rather not "fit in" if that's the case

10. The mature thing to do

11. Sounds like the principal had a bit of a complex

12. Yeah, keep telling yourself that!

13. They could've been a bit more understanding?

14. Do you teach at Forks High School (Twilight)?

15. Keep work life and home life separate

16. Going the extra mile

17.I mean, this is fair enough

18. Rules are rules

19. Even if you don't believe in it, if it's on the curriculum...

20. Death threats and fire... harsh

So there you have it, 20 reasons why teachers have been fired from their jobs. I'm sure you will agree with me, some of those do seem a bit harsh/completely bizarre. If you've still read that and want to teach, at least you now know what to avoid in order to retain your job.