Teen's texts to her mom after bully took a photo of her outfit at school are truly heartbreaking

Teen's texts to her mom after bully took a photo of her outfit at school are truly heartbreaking

We always say that our school years are the best time of our life, but that isn't true for everyone.

For one teenage student, spending every day around a bunch of teenagers is pretty much the worst thing she can imagine. Bailey Rose, a high schooler in the states, had to endure relentless bullying due to her appearance - so much so that she had to ask her mom to help her out with the situation.

In a post on Twitter, an awareness-raising account shared some screenshots of a previous post from Bailey. Piggybacking off a trending hashtag, the account said, "While We Are Doing FillUpFNB Let's Also Put An End To Bullying."

The pictures included in the tweet show a screenshot of a Snapchat from someone known only as "Dylan" in which Bailey's legs can be seen with the caption, "thicc". Bailey then found out about the picture - which had been sent to other students at the school - and was understandably distraught.

This is an obvious instance of cyberbulling, which has been on the rise since social media has become more accessible to kids.

In fact, according to bullyingstatistics.org, "Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying." Even more worrying is that "More than 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyberthreats online," and over a quarter of people have experienced ongoing bullying via their cell phones or the internet.

Not knowing what else to do, Bailey sent a desperate message to her mom asking her to bring in some different clothes.

Thankfully, Bailey's mom was able to show up with a change of clothes within half an hour of receiving her daughter's texts. But that doesn't take away from the fact that she had to experience such heartless torment in the first place.

Dozens of people commented on the post to say that, sadly, they had experienced similar things. Others, meanwhile, tweeted to show their support for Bailey and express their disgust towards the bullies.

"Been experiencing this throughout my high school career. Only got over it in my final year of high school," said Twitter user, @Truth_motau.

"Body shaming and bullying are the worst, I can't," added @Sne_no1. "Probably the girl you just called fat the last time she had a proper meal was weeks ago ... It's bad."

Many pointed out the catch-22 of the situation: that Bailey would most likely be tormented whether she attempted to "cover-up", so to speak, or to just wear what she wants. "People can be very cruel. If she wears baggy clothes it'll be said ku she's letting herself go," wrote @Nwamzamane. "She's wearing a dress w an appropriate length & she's treated unkindly!!! GOD!"

Fortunately, Bailey has no problem showing strength toward her bullies, and refuses to be body-shamed in such a cowardly way.

Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable in their own skin, especially when they're meant to be enjoying their formative years. High school is a time for having fun and growing into the adult you'll soon become, and nobody deserves to have that interrupted by heartless comments like this.