There's now a sexy Jon Snow costume you can buy for Halloween this year

There's now a sexy Jon Snow costume you can buy for Halloween this year

With Halloween looming ahead, people are starting to think about what clever costume they can impress people with this year. No doubt we'll be seeing a few Wonder Women, Rick and/or Mortys, and some creeps who think it's hilarious to come as Pennywise.

Mermaids and unicorns will probably also be making appearances at Halloween parties across the world, and you can definitely count on seeing at least one character from Game of Thrones.

Apparently, searches for Grecian gowns on fashion search platform Lyst are up 30% right now, so it looks like a lot of people are looking to go as Daenerys Targaryen this year. There are even tiny dog costumes so your pooch can accompany you as a fierce dragon. Take note from Katy Perry and her dog Nugget at the MTV VMAs this year.

And of course, with season 7's spotlight on him, many people are planning to dress as Jon Snow. Data shows that people are saving images of "Jon Snow" on Pinterest 280% more than last year. Guys can buy readymade Jon Snow costumes with the signature floor-length cape and shaggy fur shoulders, complete with a sword to look like the surly sweetheart.

And now, girls will be pleased to know there is now a female version of the costume too. What's more: it's a sexy Jon Snow costume, none the less.

*Insert "Winter is coming" innuendo here*

The "Sexy Northern Queen Costume" is clearly inspired by the King in the North, complete with the same shaggy shoulders and long cape, as well as a rather saucy leather-look bodysuit. The cape crisscrosses over the romper, which has a "cheeky cut back" and a provocative keyhole cutout at the front. There's a gold-studded belt with a bronze buckle and a high neck with the same studded accents, as well as a loincloth flap. You'll just have to BYO fishnets and over-the-knee boots to complete the look.

It comes from the brand Yandy, who also made that sexy Harry Potter lingerie set too. The racy costume definitely won't keep you warm North of the Wall, but it sure is fire (and ice) for this year's Halloween.

The costume comes with a hefty price tag of $150, which is a bit excessive considering half of it is a kind of flimsy looking bodice that isn't even real leather. So if you don't feel like forking out your precious dosh on the sexy Jon Snow costume, just head to IKEA and buy one of their shag rugs to get started on a DIY costume instead (apparently that's how they make them for the show).

And if you feel it doesn't cut it, then check out this hilarious video suggesting some other "Hot Halloween" costumes. Keep your eyes peeled for the "Donna T. Rumpshaker" – an attempt at a "Sexy Donald Trump" costume. Questionable, the say the least.


Just... LOL.