10 Crazy mansions you can rent dirt cheap for your next vacation

10 Crazy mansions you can rent dirt cheap for your next vacation

A considerable amount of planning goes into the perfect holiday.

Particularly if you are in a large group of people, there will be several different preferences to cater for; climate, beach or pool, ski or swim, relaxed or hedonistic. Ideally your party will strike a balance between most of these variables and sally forth into the vacation of your wildest dreams.

Of course, it doesn't always work out quite like that, so to take some of the organisational strain for your next vacation, here are some unbelievable mansions you can rent for a veritable drop in the ocean. Enjoy.

1. Destin, Florida 

With room for $34 guests, this Florida mansion with swim up bar will set you back a mere $40 per person per night.

2. Breckenridge, Colorado

Scenically located, and 30 people can stay there for $73 per person per night.

3. Big Bear Lake, California 

If you're California dreaming, this is the mansion for you, it sleeps 24 at just $89 per person per night.

4. Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina 

This collosal mansion sleeps 40, boasts 400 acres of park grounds, and is a snip at just $37 per person per night.

5. Orlando, Florida 

Disneyworld. Need I say any more? This mansion sleeps 24 and has its own enclosed pool. Oh, and a movie theatre.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada 

It's Vegas, so you are pretty much guaranteed a good time. There's room for 32 of your friends to come along, too. $47 per person per night.

7. Gatlinburg, Tennessee 

Overlooking the Smoky Mountains, this pad has a huge pool and a games room to keep you entertained. Sleeps 40, for just $35 per person per night.

8. Outer Banks, North Carolina 

If you like the beach, then this oceanfront mansion could be the one for you. It's got enough room for 32 guests, and is crazily cheap at $18 per person per night.

9. Lake Michigan 

Relax by a lake with 64 - yes 64 - of your closest friends. Sound good? It'll only cost you $25 per person per night.

10. Auvergne, France

Finally, if you are prepared to travel a little further afield, then this luxurious palatial home in France could be the one for you. Just look at it. 60 of your closest friends and family could stay there for $29 per person per night.

Ready to change up your next vacation location? After all, who needs a hotel when you've got your very own mansion.