12 Smart people who embarrassed their relatives at the airport

12 Smart people who embarrassed their relatives at the airport

I once heard someone say "people give more genuine hugs at airports than at weddings", and I couldn't agree more. Airports are very emotional places. The people coming and going are usually excited, maybe a little scared and sometimes sad. At any given moment, there will be heartful goodbyes and hellos being exchanged between lovers, close friends, and families.

The feeling of seeing a loved one again after a stint away is like no other. You finally get to see them again with your own eyes and embrace them – smelly airplane clothes and all. For them, it's equally exciting. They've taken the time out of their day to pick you up and sometimes, they want to make a show of it.

Taking inspiration from those swanky kinds of people who have chauffeurs waiting for them at the arrival gate with name signs, some people have taken out their arts and crafts kits and gotten creative with their own "welcome home" signs. Sometimes, your loved ones will plan to create a lowkey scene at the airport with signs and costumes that'll get other people looking and giggling to each other.

There's nothing like a "welcome home" that comes with a generous side serving of embarrassment, so here are 18 of the funniest (and most cringe-worthy) airport greetings people have received.

1. This girl was greeted by her housemates looking like this

2. Waiting for the return from intergalactic space travel far, far away

3. This super supportive family

4. This sign written in the language of enthusiasm

5. This PDA

6. This guy who knows where it's at

7. This embarrassing Dad

8. And this sign of pure evil and humiliation

9. A Dad messing with people who just landed in Seattle

10. Someone who disappointed everyone when he turned out to be an ordinary dude

11. These very... "expressive" kids

12. This person who's in for a long conversation

Gee thanks, guys. These greetings are an immediate reminder of why you wanted to come back home (or maybe why you wanted to leave in the first place). No matter how embarrassing, you can't say these relatives didn't put an effort into your arrival.