Norwegian Air's latest marketing campaign perfectly depicts American culture

Norwegian Air's latest marketing campaign perfectly depicts American culture

For all intents and purposes, America is a great nation. Hailed as the land of democracy and the home of the ever-ephemeral American dream, in the last century alone, the USA has changed the face of popular culture and technology forever. Certainly, not only has Hollywood provided the world with some canonical works of film, but the hills of Silicon Valley gave us the late, great Steve Jobs, who literally put the internet into our pockets.

And then there's all the freedom; freedom of speech, freedom of religion and most importantly, the freedom of free refills. Yes, most references to the US in popular culture normally includes some sort of jibe towards Americans and their love of fast food. Indeed, the sheer availability and inexpensiveness of junk food has contributed to an alarming obesity epidemic in the United States - one that Norwegian Airlines rather hilariously decided to roast in their recent advertising campaign.

Instead of you know, sharing breathtaking images of the Manhattan skyline, or the inimitable beauty of the Grand Canyon, Norwegian Airlines decided to show one of the stark reality's of American life: food, and how much the citizens of the US adore it.

The tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign, which reads "There are still bargains available... take your bite of America now. Only 5 days left of the sale!" features two police-men out on duty. One cop is clearly overweight and is seen stuffing his face with a rather sizeable donut, and the other looks on with an expression which can only be described as disdainful.

Now, of course, the internet had quite a reaction to this rather passive aggressive advertisement. While many praised it for being so realistic, others questioned why Norwegians would ever want to fly to the US after seeing such an advertising campaign.

Guardian columnist, Steven Thrasher tweeted the airline saying, "Is this how you see America @Fly_Norwegian? (I am not offended, but I am amused and surprised to see such an honest marketing campaign.)" Another user just added "accurate".

Other users, however, decided to take more of a political stance and called into question the airline's depiction of the American police force given the recent controversy surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. Twitter user @jwr341 said "at least he's not actively killing a minority" to which @namgisdon replied "give him a minute to finish his doughnut".

Another aspect of the marketing campaign that Twitter users picked up on was the facial expression of the other police officer. I mean, just look at that side-eye; he is so done with his work colleague and his Krispy Kreme habit.

It's undoubtedly the best part of it...

Well, kudos to Norwegian Airlines for being so honest in their advertising. While we're not sure what exactly this campaign will do in terms of selling seats, it certainly provided us with some serious entertainment value. Let's hope the Americans feel the same way.