A town in Italy will pay you £1,800 to move there

A town in Italy will pay you £1,800 to move there

We have all been guilty of spending hours at our desks, staring off into thin air, dreaming about quitting our jobs and moving to some exotic location or the other, where we can live out our days frolicking on beaches, going on wine tastings and just enjoying life outside the minutiae of corporate life.

Sure, the grind of urban life can get even the most tenacious of characters down. I mean, commuting is soul destroying enough as it is, and when you spent eight hours plus in front of a computer screen, it's not hard to see why people dream of running away to places like Bali, Thailand or any place which is free from the suffocating constrains of urban life.

If you can relate to this sentiment at all, you'll be glad to hear that an Italian mayor is willing to pay people to move to his idyllic village in Puglia, Italy.

The mayor of Candela, a stunning village in Puglia, is offering €2,000 (£1,801) to anyone who'd be willing to make the move.

While this offer may seem too good to be true, it's no joke, Mayor Nicola Gatta is determined to solve the town's population crisis and is more than willing to splash the cash to find a solution.

Candela has certainly enjoyed a rich past; just a few decades ago the village was a veritable tourist hotspot and was loving referred to as "Little Naples". And back then, the town was packed with 8,000 residents, but now, the population has dwindled to a mere 2,000.

However, there are some terms and conditions. Namely, the amount of money you receive varies with how many people you bring along. If you come alone, you get €800, but if you're a couple, you'll receive €1,200.

Families of three will get between  €1,500 and €1,800 and if you're lucky to be party to a four or five person family, you'll receive the maximum: €2,000. And once you're settled, Mayor Nicola Gatta also expects you to get a job and contribute to the economy like a normal citizen.

In order to get their hands on the cash, new citizens must move to Candela, rent a house and then secure a job which pays at least €7,500 a year. Speaking to CNN Travel, Gatta's colleague corroborated "we don’t want people flocking here thinking they get to live off the town hall’s revenues, all new residents must work and have an income."

However, we doubt that people will mind too much either way. I mean, once you're in Candela you'll be privy to winding roads, charming cobbled alleyways, historical churches and all the other effluvia that comes with living in a quaint Italian village. Now, I don't know about you, but it sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Certainly, if you've had too much of the bustling, polluted and overpriced city that is London, we're sure that you'll love Candela and it's minuscule population. Hey, next to no traffic is a massive plus in my book.