Woman claims dating app banned her for using hunting photos on her profile

Woman claims dating app banned her for using hunting photos on her profile

Dating in the modern age is a bit of a minefield. You can't just go out and meet someone in a bar like you used to, or rely on your friends to set you up on a blind date; instead, you have to sign up to Bumble, or slide into someone's DMs on Instagram, or, basically, resign yourself to being alone forever.

And it ain't easy.

If you've ever taken on the task yourself, you'll know how much of a PITA it is to set up an online profile. Not only do you have to find pictures of yourself where you look at least reasonably attractive (no easy feat for many of us), you also have to sum yourself up in a way that's charming without seeming totally egotistical.

It's basically a job interview, but instead of a career change, you're trying to get laid. And for one woman, her controversial hobby made it even harder.

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Nichole, a 32-year-old digital marketer from Vermont, claims that Tinder banned her from the app after she used photos of herself hunting in her profile.

Back in January, while on a trip to San Francisco, Nichole says she opened the app to find a message that said, "Your account has been banned for activity that violates our terms of use."

At first, she had no idea why she'd been kicked off the platform. Later that day, however, she read a message on her office email from a fellow Tinder user who said they'd reported her for having pictures of herself with a deer she'd shot.

"Really is this the best a marketing strategist can do to find love online?" the user wrote in the email, which was also CC'd to her boss. "No wonder why she’s on Tinder… not illegal, but classless for sure."

The man later explained his actions to Nichole, saying:

"While my personal feelings of hunting fall on one side of the issue, my main complaint being that it just doesn’t belong on a public dating site and all I did was report it to Tinder as inappropriate. That’s got to be considered a bad move as you are now not just representing yourself, but also your company as well and thus the reason I felt prudent to let the company know."

nichole banned from tinder Credit: Nichole

Nichole, who didn't want to disclose her last name, was outraged at the dating platform's decision to remove her.

"It’s not for everyone, but it’s my core identity," she said. "My family loves to hunt and fish, and it was important for me to share that on Tinder. It would be a deal-breaker if a partner didn’t respect that."

The disgruntled hunter also argued that it was an issue of sexism, and she was only being punished because she is a woman.

"It’s time to address these double standards," she said. "If I were a man, this wouldn’t be an issue. It also speaks to discrimination women face in hunting, which is a male-dominated sport. I’d rather put my time into dating apps that are inclusive and apply the same rules to men and women."

Tinder says that Nichole was actually reported multiple times, which is why she was banned. However, the issue has now been sorted, and she is free to use the app again once more.