Woman gets accidentally added to a soccer mom group chat

Woman gets accidentally added to a soccer mom group chat

Soccer moms get a bad rap. I mean really, by definition they're just suburban mothers carting around their kids so they can play soccer or some other extracurricular activity.

But there's also a kind of stigma looming over them that says these mothers are overprotective about their angel children, regulating home internet use and feeding them homemade, organic, non-gluten, fair-trade snacks. They're depicted as SUV driving she-devils usually found screaming at people. And mostly to blame are films depicting them like this:

So if you're given the opportunity to see what soccer moms are really like, what do you do? A woman called Christi Rantis Lally unexpectedly had the chance, and on Monday shared a series of screenshots to her Facebook profile of a group message exchange.

Christi was accidentally added into a group chat, and hilariously took some creative licence to gently torment the group of people who turned out to be soccer moms. Her post, which since went viral, was captioned with this:

"This past week I received group texts on accident. They are a bunch of parents and a coach for some kids soccer team. Instead of telling them they had the wrong number, I did this. I am a horrible person... I'm so sorry Coach Juan. ???"

See for yourself that the crying-laughing faces are well suited indeed.

It begins with Christi receiving an invitation to an upcoming meeting "after practice" between parents and one "Coach Juan". Having no idea who the people in the message are, but cluing on that it's about some kind of children's sports team, she responds with an unsolicited (and completely made up) kid brag:

The message obviously sets off a few tempers already, judging by the choice of emojis, sarcasm and emphasised punctuation it's met with. It clearly encourages Christi to take it further:

Aha, so now we know it's a soccer team. Next, she takes a new line of attack:

It's clearly getting too much for some of the soccer parents at this point. Christi riles them up further by acting tone-deaf to why they are getting upset:

Poor Coach Juan is now being dragged into the kerfuffle. But Christi is persistent about the "snack situation":

Just... LOL. And then finally:

The saga ends there, and sadly, nothing new has been shared from the group text conversation. We can only imagine Coach Juan standing around with the group of parents, scratching their heads after realising the troll isn't amongst them and thinking, "but we never even had pudding cups".