Woman gets shut down after harassing a black teen selling candy

Woman gets shut down after harassing a black teen selling candy

After a rather hectic start to 2018, America's restaurants have seen a fall in incidents concerning discrimination, or rather there has been a fall in the number of incidents written and talked about. Maybe Starbucks stepping up to the plate and making implicit bias training compulsory for all its workers helped, maybe after years of backwards thinking, people are realising just because someone doesn't look like you doesn't mean you should treat them differently, in any sense.

Sadly I don't think either is the case, Starbucks employees are still discriminating against people, just the more impaired now and people still harass and torment others for merely existing it seems. A lot of things wouldn't be an issue if you minded your own business. This woman didn't quite get the message.

Twitter unearthed a woman harassing a black teen selling candy, but this time she got shutdown in the most delicious of ways.

@sahluwaltweeted: "This young black entrepreneur was selling candy when he was harassed by this woman who demanded to see his business license. An ally stood up for the kid & bought ALL the candy. Let’s find him & give this hero the praise & recognition he deserves."

The incident happened outside a Target in Rowland Heights, California. The ally, in this case, was Jay Lopez who bought all the candy. Sharing the video on Facebook, another witness Andy Lizarraga spoke to local news.

"She comes up to the little kid and is like, ‘Where is your license? Have you asked permission to be here?’ And then the kid is like, ‘No, I’m just selling candy. I’m trying to make some money,’ ” Lizarraga told CBS Los Angeles.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," Lopez said to the woman, and offered to support the young man. "How much candy is that? I'm buying it all." Interestingly the woman fires back: "I am not ashamed of myself I'm standing up for this young person." Lopez says: "Yeah. You're really standing up for them yelling at them,"

Hmm, look at that hand on hip action. "They do it all around the country and you should see how they live," the woman says. There's debate to what people think she meant here. People's gut reaction is that the woman is being explicitly racist without doing anything overtly discriminatory - a form of racism people deny, but it's still racism in my opinion. Others argue that she is talking about the epidemic of kids being trafficked into door-to-door sales.

Cassandra @Serial_Tragedy on Twitter points out: "No she is not. This boy[sic] was outside a public business not going to anyone's door. Asking him for a permit does not mesh well with this theory nor does yelling at him."

As the teen counts the candy, Lopez tells the woman that she's ignorant.

"How dare you call me a racist, you have no idea," says the woman to Lopez who completely ignores her and leaves the scene to get cash. According to Lizarraga, who posted the video on Facebook, Lopez purchased about $80 worth of candy from the girl and handed it out to people standing around the incident. The woman is yet to be named, but maybe she'll keep her opinions on "how they live" to herself.