Woman transformed herself into a real life Bratz Doll

Woman transformed herself into a real life Bratz Doll

While there are a number of people out there using surgery to become their version of perfection, such as Rodrigo Alvez (aka "The Human Ken Doll"), there are some truly incredible transformations taking place without the need for any permanent body alteration.

Makeup artists have taken Instagram and YouTube by storm the last few years, whether it be tutorials and reviews of products viewers can implement into their own lives, or more elaborate artistic exercises that look near-impossible to pull off. One such artist is Promise Tamang, known better as a "human chameleon".

A self-described "transformation queen", she uses makeup and other materials to transform into different characters, and the results are truly stunning. Tamang is huge on both YouTube and Instagram, with nearly 5 million subscribers on the video hosting site and over a million followers on the photo-sharing site. She also has a second channel called 'Promise Phan', where she posts Vlogs and tutorials.

She's had some incredible transformations before, becoming anything from Pennywise the dancing clown to Ed Sheeran. But now she's stunned us all by turning into something that ended up being a little too convincing... a Bratz Doll. "Who wants a life-size BRATZ DOLL?!" she wrote in the Instagram caption, "My sister was shook when she saw me".

"I use makeup to transform myself into famous Celebrities and Characters. It started out as a hobby 7 years ago and now I am here using this awesome platform to teach and entertain millions around the world. Feeling blessed and thankful everyday for all the love I receive for each one of you."

This creepily accurate transformation into the popular toy is definitely in the uncanny valley, but once you look a little closer you can see how she actually pulled off the stunning feat. Comparing her sans makeup with the finished product in this before-and-after photo, you can see how she used makeup to give herself the illusion of bigger lips and eyes.

She credits the idea for those big eyes to Instagram user missgaymatte, who used this particular makeup technique as visual trickery to look like his eyes were cartoonishly large. The video has already amassed 1.5 million views, with over 2,000 comments on the video.

Her fans loved the video, with one commenting "Omg THIS was the best transformation I've seen in like EVER! DAMN you killed it girl", while another said, "She makes it look easy".

In the caption for the video, she explained that she asked her fans whether they wanted to see Regina George from Mean Girls or a Bratz Doll, and the majority voted for the latter. She said she gave the option to choose Bratz because she "always loved how dramatic and super Glammed out they were", noting that she incorporated their "bright eyeshadow, bold glossy lips, and giant platform shoes."

This makeup transformation likely brought back some pleasant childhood memories for many of you, or maybe it just gave you some nightmares. I know I'm in the latter.