Women reveal the 8 sexiest items of clothing all men should definitely be wearing

Women reveal the 8 sexiest items of clothing all men should definitely be wearing

We all want to look better, sexier, more attractive to the man/woman we so desire.

Confidence, they say, is key, as is a certain aloof air of cool calm and sophistication as we simultaneously juggle brutally editing our personality to a chiselled down version we hope will appeal to the person standing in front of us while still holding the flimsy cocktail we inadvisably decided would best show off our cosmopolitan attitude towards life society and, whisper it, sex.

Clearly, dating is a minefield, though a necessary one, and one worth navigating, seeing as the prize for making it to the other side is a companion with whom to share lonely winter nights and blazing summer days.

Now men, listen up, because though you might think you always dress flawlessly for your dates, the chances are you are going wrong somewhere down the line. Well, you're in luck, because women have been revealing the sexiest items of clothing that you should definitely be wearing in a very useful Reddit thread. Ready? Here goes...

1.  The fit is everything

"Wearing clothes that fit is almost always the number one suggestion for guys and an easy fix, yet sooooo many dudes protest it. I'll never understand it. If you wanna be buried in your cargo shorts and graphic tees, that's your choice." -Ayyyyyymaaan

2. Don't neglect the shoes (or nails)

"Wear decent shoes and keep them relatively well maintained. I see a lot of younger guys wearing nice casual clothing but then pairing it with their kinda worn out gym shoes. 

"Nice sneakers can work well with the right outfit but I think you need to make a distinction between casual sneakers and actual workout gym shoes. Also, maybe this is just me, but I think neatly trimmed, clean nails are really nice."-ravekitt


3. Hit up your tailor 

"Anything well tailored. A suit, a t-shirt/jeans combo, as long as it fits your body it's hot."-42k-anal-eggs


4. Belt up (and make it match)

“Wear a belt! And if you're wearing a black belt, match it with black shoes, and the same rule applies to brown.”-steingrrrl

5. Ditch the dad jeans

"Jeans and either a normal t-shirt, or a button down. But I swear to god, not dad jeans. You know the ones. Blue jeans that are either dark or light in color that are form fitting are best. I like a man with a nice butt so I can give it a squeeze." -imsorryshehurtyou

6. Keep it simple 

“I love when a guy wears a nice fitting basic black tee, does it for me every time.”

7. Button down shirts are definitely popular 

"Button down shirt, rolled up sleeves, well fitting jeans/pants that don't have any sag in the ass, nice shoes, the correct amount of cologne (no body spray) and a watch." -RikerOmega3

8. Layer it 

"I find it really flattering for men to wear layers. So instead of just wearing a t-shirt, maybe wear a flannel unbuttoned on top.

"If you're wearing a button up, wear a sweater on top that reveals the collar. Not only does this make you look stylish, but when you layer clothes you're giving the illusion that you upper half is heftier than it actually is, so your chest looks a big larger, and your shoulders look broader. Score." -steingrrrl

Never feel lost as you stare into your wardrobe before a date ever again. We've got you covered, you can thank me later.