Musician writes viral love song in an attempt to find long-lost love he met six years ago

Musician writes viral love song in an attempt to find long-lost love he met six years ago

Hollywood is replete with stories about love, forsaken love, and of course - the most tragically romantic of all: long-lost love.

There are the classics; Casablanca, every iteration of Romeo and Juliet, as well as modern examples such as The Notebook, and whatever other saccharine sweet Netflix original you can conjure to mind. But although we've seen so many lovestruck heroes and heroines come and go, we still - for some reason - continue to lap up any story that promises to make us believe in love again.

One such believer in old-fashioned romance in Traveling John, also known as John Dunsö. The musician quit his career as a guitarist in one of Sweden's biggest indie pop bands, Billie the Vision & The Dancers in 2012, and proceeded to travel through the US while working on songs for his debut album. On his travels, John encountered a woman named Sarah, who quickly became very special to him.

The problem? John lost Sarah's contact information, and try as he might, has been unable to track her down. Now, six years later, and just as smitten with the woman he encountered on his travels all those years ago, John has recorded a song in hopes of connecting with her once more.

In 2012, with just his guitar and recording equipment, John embarked on a journey through North and South America. For two years, he hitchhiked, worked on ecological farms, busked on the streets, and worked on songs for his debut solo album - which is due to be released at the end of 2018.

During his journey, he met a woman called Sarah, whose memory he has been unable to shake. In order to locate her, John has penned a song, which he hopes will reach Sarah's ears.

"In 2012, I travelled the US with my guitar,” he wrote. “On my way, I met a girl named Sarah who I developed feelings for but didn’t have the courage to express. Before we said goodbye, I got her contact info on a note but unfortunately, I lost it. Over the years, I’ve tried to find her again to tell her how I feel. Sadly, I haven’t succeeded."

"Let me put it this way - it's over six years since I started looking for her and I still haven't given up," John said when speaking exclusively to VT.  "It's very rare that you meet someone and everything just feels totally right, instantly. Conversation, laughs, chemistry - everything [happened] without any effort, like you've known each other for years even though you met five minutes ago.

"With Sarah it was like that. She blew me away from day one and I just wish I'd had more time with her before she disappeared."

As to what a dream ending would look like to John, it's not necessarily about it culminating in a romantic relationship, as that was never something that transpired during their time together:

"Ever since we split up I've wondered how things turned out for her. She's a musician just like me and she talked a lot about how she needed to keep on singing to be happy. Of course my dream ending would be to meet her again and tell her how I feel about everything, but though it might sounds cliché I'd be so glad just knowing that she's in a place where she's happy and doing the things she loves."

When asked what he'd say to Sarah today, six years later, John recalled a personal anecdote. "I'd ask if she's fixed the doors on her broken car yet, so she doesn't have to climb in through the side windows," he laughed.

Best of luck John! And hands up if you fully expect to see this made into a major motion picture next year...