Bra company is making men aware of what it's like to have breasts

Bra company is making men aware of what it's like to have breasts

If I was a woman for a day, there are some things I probably wouldn't enjoy. The uncomfortable shoes, the impractical clothes, the time it takes to do make-up. Getting constantly catcalled, and creeped on, and stared at. But there's one part about being a woman that looks like a lot of fun: Periods. Just kidding.

But it turns out having boobs isn't a totally positive experience.  According to women, boobs can be annoying sometimes. Especially if they're big boobs. Sure, some guys might think it would be great to have love big boobs, but the reality, it would seem, is somewhat different? What's it like having big boobs? Every year, for one day, the male employees of a bra company find out.

PrimaDonna makes luxury lingerie in large cup sizes, from C to J. The CEO, Ignace Van Doorselaere - which is the coolest name ever - often gets asked one question: As a man, how can he know what it's like to have a big cup size? If you make a product for women, you should understand what they go through. How can you get men to empathize with large breasted women? Simple - hang weights around their necks. (Or get plastic surgery, but that would be pretty expensive.)

Ignace says:

"There is only one way for a man to realize what an E-cup feels like and that is having an E-cup.

Because let's be honest, an E-cup can weight up to 1 or 1.5kg per breast. This is a lot.

It hurts your neck. It hurts your back.

That's why you need good support."

It's called "International E Cup Day For Men." The guys put on the weights, go through a normal work day and get priceless looks from all the women at the office. Also, they learn a lot. Big boobs can be painful, and make everyday tasks like using the photocopier awkward. Good support is important. It's cool these guys are willing to experience a little bit of what women go through on a daily basis. Hopefully PrimaDonna starts making women's shoes, so they have to wear high heels to work too. Preferably six inch stilettos.

Are you a man who loves big boobs? First of all, stop Googling "big boobs" when you're at work. It is not appropriate, and if your boss finds out, you're going to get fired. Second,  those J-Cups you're drooling over might not be as wonderful as you think. Every man should take a moment to look at life from a women's perspective. Imagine wearing the uncomfortable shoes and impractical clothes. Imagine how much time it takes to master makeup. Imagine getting catcalled, and creeped on, and stared.

Proof then, that men remain, on the whole blissfully ignorant of the struggles women go through on a daily basis. At least one company has decided it's time to do something about it.