Planned Parenthood is building a large clinic in Alabama, despite abortion ban

Planned Parenthood is building a large clinic in Alabama, despite abortion ban

Last month, many were shocked to learn that Alabama passed a law effectively banning abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.

Under this new law, any doctors caught performing abortions could face up to 99 years behind bars. Abortions would only be permitted in cases where a woman's life is in danger.

The ruling was backed entirely by men - none of the four women in Alabama's Senate supported the restrictions.

Alabama is not the only state to pass restrictive abortion laws, either. Similar restrictions are scheduled to be implemented in GeorgiaOhioKentuckyMississippi, and Missouri. However, the law in Alabama is the strictest.

In the video below, Busy Philipps speaks out on Georgia's equally controversial abortion ban: 

Despite this, Planned Parenthood is in the process of building a large Alabama-based clinic, offering people access to contraception and terminations.

Protestors outside a Planned Parenthood clinic. Credit: Getty

The new clinic will be located in Birmingham and contain state-of-the-art facilities, the Associated Press reports. While there is already a facility in the area, the new one will contain additional consultation rooms and office space.

"We are a doctor that Birmingham has counted on for decades, and we are committed to continuing to provide that care," said Barbara Ann Luttrell, a spokeswoman for the Atlanta-based Planned Parenthood Southeast.

A pro-choice protestor. Credit: Getty

Work began on the clinic in January and is expected to be completed in November. Should this schedule be met, it would mean that the clinic could be opening its doors the same month that the state's controversial abortion bill is passed.

However, a number of organizations, including Planned Parenthood, have filed lawsuits against the law.

Abortions are far from the only thing that Alabama has recently banned though. A new episode of children's TV show Arthur featuring a gay wedding scene has also been banned.