This prisoner escaped jail using a ridiculously simple disguise

This prisoner escaped jail using a ridiculously simple disguise

In order to escape prison, let's say – a maximum security prison – you need some kind of brilliant, foolproof plan, probably involving a stolen kitchen utensil or a cleverly devised decoy event to sneak out when no-one's looking.

But nope, apparently, you don't need to bother with anything that elaborate.

Last week, a 44-year-old prisoner at a maximum security prison in West Virginia managed to escape in the most unspectacular fashion – literally. Wearing the most boring excuse of a disguise, the man managed to waltz out the front door with not a single person batting an eyelash.

Todd Wayne Boyes, who was facing between three to 20 years for stealing a car and plowing it into a police vehicle, decided he'd skip all that and escape from his cell. So, wearing a ludicrously simple disguise of a sweater and khaki pants (like any other average white caucasian male), Boyes casually ambled out the South Central Regional Jail in Charleston last Wednesday at around 6am, just before breakfast.

And you know what else? It took until Thursday evening – after three formal inmate head counts, and two informal counts overnight – for officers to realise they were one inmate short. That's a whole 36 hours for them to notice he'd gone. 36 hours. Yeesh, I thought American security centers were meant to be strict.
After facility staff reviewed the footage from the jail's security cameras, they clearly saw Boyes, disguised as a civilian, marching out of their building the previous morning. By then, he'd had a pretty decent headstart.
After the prison eventually figured out who it was that was missing, a manhunt ensued, and it took them until Sunday to find the 44-year-old. Boyes, who also had a history of armed carjacking, was meant to be sentenced at the end of last week for his motor vehicle theft. But instead, he decided to head to Texas.

He was almost home before he was caught on Sunday morning trying to cross the border over to Mexico. That's a solid four days on the run. After Boyes was finally apprehended, he went straight back to the lock-up, this time in a county jail in Laredo, Texas.

A spokesperson for West Virginia's Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety told CNN the South Central Regional Jail that Boyes broke out of is investigating how exactly he did it with such little effort. In the meantime, four members of staff have been suspended without pay.

Unlucky for Boyes, his escape wasn't going to be as easy as it initially seemed. Although it's still not clear how exactly he managed to get his hands on the pair of ordinary old khakis and the zip-up sweater, it's unlikely he'll be able to pull off the same escape again. And for ordinary civilians visiting the prison in the same sort of garb – be prepared to be carefully monitored by staff from now on.