Teen brutally decapitates friend who sexually assaulted his girlfriend

Teen brutally decapitates friend who sexually assaulted his girlfriend

A teenager who beheaded a man after he sexually assaulted his girlfriend has been handed a "lenient" jail sentence of six years for his crimes. Nikita Rasskazov, 17, repeatedly stabbed Artyom Shustov, 19, who was his friend at the time, before decapitating him with a barbecue knife.

Rasskazov claims that he was "blinded by rage" at the time of the attack, which saw him pick up the severed head by the hair, put it in his rucksack and store it overnight in a wardrobe in his home in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in eastern Russia.

It is being reported that the crazed teenager then showed the head to his teenage girlfriend, who had previously accused Shustov and another man of "touching her breasts and genitals " while she was pinned down by a female "friend" at a house party. The girl said that she refused to have sex with the men and told Rasskazov that the incident had left her feeling extremely humiliated.

Rasskazov claims that he decapitated the man in order to "prove his love" to his girlfriend, who has understandably been left "distraught" by his actions.

After the attack, the murderer took the severed head and threw it into a nearby river in the Russian city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where he weighted it down with stones in order for it to sink to the bottom. Despite the graphic and brutal nature of his crimes, Rasskazov was only given a sentence of six years and ten months for murder and desecrating the man's body. He was also ordered to pay 2.19 million roubles (£50,000) to Shustov's grieving family.

Unsurprisingly, Shustov's father wasn't impressed with the sentence and reacted furiously to the leniency of the verdict. Rasskazov's sentence is less than a year than the prosecutors had demanded for and three years less than the maximum for a 16-year-old murderer in Russia. He plans to appeal the sentence.

Dmitry Shustov, 42, said that no financial compensation from Rasskazov would help deal with the loss of his son.

"Of course, I think that the sentence is unfair, the punishment cannot be compared with human life," he said.

Legal experts were also "surprised" by the "light sentence", despite the fact that Rasskazov had expressed his remorse over the incident.

According to the Siberian times, the murderer had "not intended to kill or behead his friend, but to make him apologise to his girlfriend for the sexual assault." However, when they agreed to meet up in a local city park, the talk "turned to a quarrel and then a fight" eventually, this led to Shustov's death.

The court heard that initially Rasskazov had intended to set the remains of the body on fire, which suggests that the attack was carefully planned out, but he couldn't as his matches were damp and failed to light.

No doubt this will rumble on for a while, as Shushtov's family seek justice for their son. Whatever way you look at it, six years seems like an extremely lenient sentence for someone who has not only murdered someone, but decapitated them.