A terrifying ultrasound image has people calling this baby 'pure evil'

A terrifying ultrasound image has people calling this baby 'pure evil'

Pregnancy is surely one of the most simultaneously exciting and frightening experiences for someone. Like, wow! You're brewing a real-life human in there, and it's surviving in the small confines of your womb for a good chunk of time until you actually get to meet.

One woman who started to feel a little more terrified than excited during her pregnancy was Sharni Turner, an 18-year-old mother-to-be from Queensland, Australia.

She shared an image of her latest ultrasound scan on Twitter, calling the picture of her baby boy the most "terrifying" thing she's seen in her life.

The tweet has gone viral, being retweeted over 11,000 times and attracting over 32,000 likes. The image is of the unborn child's face, who has been condemned by some Twitter users as the face of "pure evil" and likened to Voldemort among a bunch of other horrifying villains.

Sharni posted the picture a week ago, writing in the caption: "My ultrasound technician decided to do a front face image of my baby and it was the most terrifying thing over ever seen in my f**kiNG LIFE".

Are you ready to face it? Really? Are you sure?

Alright then, here it is...

Gah! Now you see what everyone means?

Sharni spoke about the ultrasound appointment, which are necessary for doctors to check out how the developing fetus is going, to make sure it's looking healthy in terms of form and measurements.

"I was on the watching the screen with my auntie who joined me for my ultrasound appointment," she told Unilad, "and the baby was sleeping and just not doing much like we needed it to do the measurements properly."

"We tried heaps of things to wake him up and all of a sudden we got that face and I was just like ‘that’s terrifying’ it was pretty hilarious!

"But I don’t think he enjoyed being woken up."

It clearly freaked everyone out, so Sharni felt the need to clarify that it's actually quite normal for scans to come out looking like this. "I feel like I gotta clarify that I don’t in anyway plan on having an abortion and that this is what a human skull looks like scanned bc LMAO," she tweeted. It came after a lot of people were telling her (jokingly) to abort the evil-looking fetus.

In any case, Sharni said she found the responses to her viral ultrasound image amusing.

"It’s definitely been a good laugh reading the responses!" she said. "I think I sat for hours in tears just laughing at the creativity of some of the comments!"

"Some were pretty mean too, surprisingly, but I’m sure they were joking.

"I found it a little shocking that I had to even clarify that I didn’t plan on getting an abortion but I’m definitely proud to be a mummy to a devil child!"

Sharni laughed along with everyone else comparing her baby to various forces of evil, tweeting this:

But she also provided a profile shot to show that he wasn't all that freaky looking:

Well, good luck to you and your new family member Sharni. Let's hope you don't start seeing little devil horns developing in your next ultrasound...