Tourist says that this photograph has unmasked the real identity of Banksy

Tourist says that this photograph has unmasked the real identity of Banksy

It remains a mystery as to how we still do not know who Banksy is. The street artist, whose work sells for thousands of pounds, has remained elusive throughout their whole career. Despite the fact that every man and his dog has a theory about who Banksy is, it turns out that they are all wrong. While you might think Banksy might be a seriously cool guy, or even a girl, it turns out that he is a middle-aged man who wears cargo shorts and a fedora hat.

Yes, in quite possibly what is the most disappointing news of all time, it appears that Banksy looks like a dad on their summer holiday.

A picture has emerged which claims to show the artist finishing off his newest work in the city of Bethlehem. The man in the photo, who is donning a white fedora and cargo shorts, can be seen holding a stencil and a spray can. The image shows him looking over his shoulder in a courtyard close to the Chapel of Milk Grotto.

The artwork in question appears on the homepage of Banksy's website and reads: "Peace on Earth *Terms and Conditions Apply"

The artwork comes at a time that Banksy has opened a new project, The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, which is said to have "the worst view in the world". The hotel opened on November 2 to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, which created Israel as a state.

Jason Stellios, 24, was the tourist behind the photo but he says he didn't realise its significance until a week later.

"Last week I was coming out of the Milk Grotto Church through the courtyard and I saw a guy spray painting a star on a door opposite using a stencil."

"I just thought it was another one of those street artists that come over to paint the wall so I took a photo of him. 'He walked off and was down the road once I had left the courtyard."

"Then I spotted the same guy wearing a white hat with a black stripe on it tucked away at the back of the AlterNativity play outside the Walled Off Hotel on Sunday evening (December 3)."

"I was chatting with people after the play and they said that they wanted to go see the new Banksy piece which I didn't know about and I went in a cab with them up to the church. I then realised I saw this being spray painted a few days earlier."

Mr Stellios said that he quickly went onto Banksy's website and saw a photograph of the artwork on the homepage. While he says that he's not a fan of the artist, he was pretty excited to see him at work, particularly as he is known to publicly draw attention to the suffering of Palestinian people through his artwork.

"I'm not really keen on street art but I'm quite excited to have seen him in action. Banksy's helping people here by what he's doing but I'm not a fan or anything."

Is this the big reveal we've all been waiting for? Is this Banksy? Let's be honest, it probably isn't. Banksy is more than likely a group of artists who work together, hence how they have remained so elusive. Still, it's pretty exciting to see one of them at work, even if he does look like a dad.