Footage shows tourist being shoved by member of Queen's guard after she stood in his way

Footage shows tourist being shoved by member of Queen's guard after she stood in his way

For tourists coming to the UK, one of the highlights of the trip is often paying a visit to one of the Queen's residences. Some go to admire the magnificence of a real-life palace, others go in the hopes of catching a glimpse of one of the Royals, but most turn up to check out the famous guards.

With their bearskin hats and notoriously stoic expressions, the Royal Guard certainly are a cultural icon. However, they're not just there for show - they actually have a very important job to do: protecting the royal family. And, if anyone gets in the way of that job, they're entitled to use force.

So, when one tourist decided to stand in the way of a guard outside Windsor Castle this week, she should have expected to have been moved aside.

Unfortunately, she didn't see him coming. Check out the jaw-dropping moment below: 

The footage, which was posted to Reddit by user Erythromycin500 yesterday, has been viewed thousands of times, and - perhaps surprisingly - most people totally agree with what the guard did.

One commenter pointed out that the Royal Guard have to put up with abuse on a regular basis, and so it's no surprise that they act with force whenever anyone crosses a boundary.

"They get stabbed with needles, get s**t thrown at them, constantly mocked, flashed repeatedly, passing out is common to the point of being trained to pass out at attention, the pants are dark specifically to hide if they p**s themselves because they're told to so instead of leaving their post, if they pass out in another Guard's path that guard is supposed to walk over the fallen one and laughing even slightly at a joke can lose them anywhere from a day to two weeks worth of pay."

The clip has since gone viral on Twitter, too, and people there have been similarly unsympathetic towards the tourist. Indeed, a poll by Sky News currently shows that around 80 percent of people think the guard was in the right.

Others, however, thought that the soldier was overly heavy-handed in moving the woman out of his path.

On the one hand, the guard was maybe a bit too forceful when pushing the woman out of the way. On the other, though, she did ignore several warnings in order to put herself in the guard's path, and she should have been wary of the consequences of doing so.

What a lot of people often forget is that the Queen's guards are not some archaic tourist attraction who are there to look fancy, they are trained soldiers with a duty to protect the monarchy at all costs.

Check out what happened when this tourist got a little too close for comfort to a guard:

Needless to say, these punks won't be messing with the Queen's guards again.