Man hands in £30 he found at a cashpoint and ends up £50,000 richer

Man hands in £30 he found at a cashpoint and ends up £50,000 richer

The phrase that is most is associated with Karma, is: "Karma's a b*tch". However, it doesn't have to be that way. If you're a believer in "what goes around, comes around," you will also be an avid believer that if you do good in your life, you will receive good in your life. While we shouldn't all go around doing good things in the hope that we will receive luck (you should just do nice things anyway), it's a nice idea that you will receive a reward for the positive things that you do in life.

While I'm not a firm believer in Karma - having done a lot of nice actions in my time and received nothing in return - I can understand why some people might believe in it. One person that I'm sure now believes in this mystic theory is Colin Banks.

Banks, a builder from Scotland, had some instant Karma of the best kind. After finding £30 at an ATM, Colin handed in the money to the store and then went on to win almost £50,000 off of a £1.50 bet.

The lucky father-of-two had gone to withdraw some money from the ATM at his local ASDA in Motherwell when he realised that the person who had used the machine before him had left £30. While the majority of us, including myself, would more than likely pocket the cash and go about our day, Colin did the honest and noble thing and returned the money to a member of staff at the store.

Luckily for Colin, it seems like the gods were watching over him as, half an hour later, he learnt that he had won a long-shot bet that landed him with £49,077, beating odds of 372,000-to-1.

Speaking to the Daily Record about his lucky day, Colin said:

"They say honesty is the best policy, and it certainly was for me.

"I have a big family and I'm now going to make sure we all have a brilliant time this Christmas - the best we as a family have ever had."

Understandably, Colin had a bit of a blowout when he realised how much he had made, with the plucky builder saying that he "had more than one glass of wine" in celebration. He also bought himself a second-hand Ford Focus - what a legend.

As well as a new car, Colin said he'll also be splashing his cash on a trip to Mexico to attend his nephew's wedding.

Fittingly to this wonderful story, the original £30 in question actually ended up back in the hands of its owner. "I was curious and went back into the supermarket on Sunday and the same member of staff I had handed the £30 to was on duty.

"She said the lad had been back in and was very grateful. I suppose one good turn deserves another."

Astonishingly, Betfred, the company where Colin placed his bet, said that his win was "one of the biggest virtual horse racing wins" in the company's 50-year history.

Stories like this make it hard not to believe in Karma, don't they?