Woman avoids jail sentence after biting off her ex-boyfriend's genitals

Woman avoids jail sentence after biting off her ex-boyfriend's genitals

It has long been said that there are problems with the criminal justice system, but, so far, nothing much seems to have been done to fix them. Time and time again, we see incredibly violent crimes going seemingly unpunished - take Brock Turner's six-month sentence for sexual assault, for instance - while comparably minor crimes, such as growing marijuana, result in some people being landed with life sentences.

After so many public outcries for change, you'd think that judges would put a little more consideration into the sentences they dish out to criminals - especially those who have committed particularly aggressive acts.

However, this was certainly not the case in the recent sentencing of 43-year-old Nunzia Del Viscio, who pretty much got away with biting off her ex-boyfriend's testicle when he turned her down for a threesome.

Marcello Palma, Del Visco's 44-year-old ex-partner, suffered massive damage to his genitals last year during a violent altercation at his home in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The fight broke out when the couple and two other people had gone back to his apartment after a night of drinking and taking drugs. According to Palma, the evening was totally fine until the early hours of the morning. "We were happy to be together," he said. "We went back to the flat to keep the night going."

Speaking in court, Palma said that he and Del Visco went into separate bedrooms at first, each with one of the other people they had brought home from the night out. But, at around 4am, Del Visco burst into his room and demanded that he have a threesome with her. When he refused, the situation turned violent.

"I took her clothes and threw them at her," he said.

"We were insulting each other, and she came against me and bit my left testicle. I threw two or three punches and had a finger in her eye to push her away. She drew her head back and my testicle came out."

Astoundingly, Del Visco wasn't given any time behind bars for her violent assault. Instead, the woman pleaded self-defense, and was given a £500 ($674) fine. She will also be closely monitored for the next six months, and will not be permitted to leave her house between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

Even though Del Visco, who is originally from Italy, admitted that she was highly intoxicated with both alcohol and drugs at the time of the attack, she did not receive a harsher conviction.

Fortunately, Palma made a full recovery from the attack after being rushed to hospital by paramedics. His testicle had to be re-inserted into his scrotum and sealed in place with 15 stitches. The man is very fortunate to have come away with his manhood intact, as incidents of damage to the penis and testicles can sometimes be irreparable.

When sentencing Del Visco, Sheriff McCormack of Edinburgh Sheriff Court said that her actions were "very serious", and that he hoped the imposed curfew would deter her from taking drugs or drinking alcohol for the next half a year at least.