This woman's tragic tale of sexual harassment has women absolutely furious

This woman's tragic tale of sexual harassment has women absolutely furious

It's a sad fact of life that pretty much every woman will have some sort of story regarding sexual harassment. Even though it's 2017, and women's rights have come on leaps and bounds since yesteryear, women still have to put up with a lot of s**t on the daily. As a man, it's hard to read stories like the following, as well as the constant flow of sexual harassment/assault allegations that are currently coming out of Hollywood, and not feel ashamed of my fellow males.

Nathalie Gordon took to Twitter a few months ago to share a story regarding the harassment she received from a man while on a bus. The story feels poignant given what's going on in the news, and for that reason, we felt the need to share it to show that harassment exists everywhere and not just in showbiz. Taking to her Twitter account, Nathalie grabbed the attention of everyone with one simple tweet.

It's safe to say that plenty of women will have known what was coming, but for men, this was set to be a lesson in gender disparity.

Nathalie began by describing a seemingly innocuous encounter with a man on the bus to a meeting.

The conversation quickly turns from creepy to downright scary, with the man getting physical with Nathalie.

Nathalie says that she asked the man to stop, but he just laughed at her instead. Seeking help from someone else, Nathalie reported the man to the bus driver, but rather than help the distressed woman, he simply told her to "sit somewhere else".

The obnoxious response from the driver understandably triggered Nathalie, who went on an impassioned rant for what she expects from men. And looking at it on paper, she really isn't asking for much.

Countless women responded to Nathalie, saying they had experienced similar cases of harassment as well. However, as with all things that involve allegations aimed at men, many males came forward to comment on Gordon's story and prove her point: Men don't get it.

One man, who seemed to really not understand how the behaviour of the offender and driver was wrong, went on an impassioned rant about how the driver was right to say "no" to Gordon's request for help, claiming that is what equality looks like and that she should fight her own battles. However, Nathalie's response to men like this was perfect:

Despite the critics and trolls, Gordon says that she came away from the discussion feeling positive.

"For every guy saying something cruel there's 10 rushing to my defence," she explains. "They've recognised that women don't want, need or expect to be saved. We want people standing beside us going 'This is wrong, we need to find a way to stop this from happening.'"

"I know so many good men and this has confirmed that there are plenty more out there," Gordon says. "I just hope they are as vocal in real life as they are on Twitter because they have such power if they do."

It's a shame that not everyone can react with compassion when someone shares a story like this one. Rather than trolling and arguing with Natalie, it would be more reassuring to see men taking her side and letting her know that they would've stood up for her in this instance.