Ann Curry speaks out about former co-host Matt Lauer's firing

Ann Curry speaks out about former co-host Matt Lauer's firing

One of The Today Show's popular segments was "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?" The producers sent news anchor Matt Lauer to various locations, like Bhutan, Easter Island and The Great Wall of China. Viewers guessed where he was based on visual clues. However,  nobody cares where in the world he is right now. Yesterday NBC fired Matt Lauer for "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace." As Jimmy Fallon joked, "He's probably at the bar with Charlie Rose."

But you know who's really having the last laugh? Ann Curry. In 1990, Ann Curry joined NBC News as a correspondent, then became their second longest-serving news anchor. In 2011, she became co-host of The Today Show, alongside Matt Lauer, and called it "her dream job." Just a year later, NBC suddenly fired Curry, and she gave a tearful goodbye (reminiscent of the tearful goodbye current co-host Savannah Guthrie gave to Matt Lauer yesterday).

NBC claims Ann Curry was fired because of poor ratings. However, there were rumors she and Matt Lauer did not get along. New York Magazine reported that the two "had no relationship and barely spoke." According to their sources, Lauer was so "miserable with Curry" he frequently threw tantrums and threatened to quit if she was not fired. Curry later confirmed the rumors to The New York Times, saying she felt the “boys’ club atmosphere behind the scenes at ‘Today’ undermined her from the start.”

Curry recently spoke to People Magazine about Matt Lauer's firing. Although she's "still processing the news," she made a powerful statement about inappropriate behavior in the workplace:

"The women’s movement got us into the workplace, but it didn’t make us safe once we got there. And the battle lines are now clear. We need to move this revolution forward and make our workplaces safe. Corporate America is quite clearly failing to do so, and unless it does something to change that, we need to keep doing more ourselves.

I admire the women who have been willing to speak up both anonymously and on the record. Those women need to keep their jobs, and all women need to be able to work, to be able to thrive, without fear. This kind of behavior exists across industries, and it is so long overdue for it to stop. This is a moment when we all need to be a beacon of light for those women, for all women, and for ourselves.”

Ann Curry fans were thrilled by Matt Lauer's firing, calling it a victory for karma. On Twitter, they demanded The Today Show bring Curry back:


While nobody knows if Ann Curry will ever return to The Today Show, you can currently see her on PBS. She's the executive producer and host of the new program, We’ll Meet Again, which "reunites people who have lived through traumatic moments with the person who helped them the most." Hopefully they'll play it at the bar where Matt Lauer's having a beer with Charlie Rose.