Cop takes kid out for his birthday after nobody collects him from school

Cop takes kid out for his birthday after nobody collects him from school

While we hope that law enforcement authorities will protect our communities and crack down on crime, it's rare that we have an actual one-to-one with an officer. As they are serving the community itself, rather than being a person to fear or avoid contact with, having conversations on a personal level with individuals rather than simply issuing statements makes people feel safer and trust more in the service.

There are plenty of people who enroll in the police who want to make a difference in this way, but you can imagine how bureaucracy and department politics can distract from that cause. Yet there are some who still manage to go the extra mile for the little guy, proving that even small gestures of kindness can go a long way.

Officer Robinson, who works for the Green Bay Police Department in Wisconsin, was called out to a local primary school earlier this week to look after a child. The end of the school day had come around, but the young boy still hadn't been picked up. When the staff looked into it, they found that his parent was incarcerated and they didn't have details of any other family members to contact.

With no option other than to call the authorities, Officer Robinson arrived and sat down to have a chat with the boy. It was after this brief conversation that he found out that it was actually his birthday. As he had no one else to celebrate with, Robinson decided to make the day special and took him to McDonald's for a birthday treat.

Afterwards, the officer took him for a ride around town in his patrol car to top off the day. Eventually, the police department located some of the boy's relatives and so he was dropped off with them. The Green Bay Police Department wrote about the kindness on Facebook:

"Thank you to Officer Robinson for taking some extra time to celebrate the child’s birthday; we are proud to have him as part of the GBPD team!

"Thanks to the owners of our local McDonald's, we were given free cheeseburger coupons to hand out in certain situations"

A series of comments, mostly from residents in the area, replied to the post to show their appreciation. "What a fine officer,’ Bill Bongle wrote. "No one is more committed to the community than Officer Darryl Robinson. That little boy will remember that for the rest of his life."

Another user added:

"Everybody goes through rough patches in life and children are innocent to the actions of their parents. He will grow up to respect police officers in this uncertain time we have in America for the kindness you showed".

This just goes to show how even small acts of kindness can transform a terrible day into a good one, and as the commenters noted, it's unlikely that boy will forget this birthday.