Donald Trump's Twitter account just retweeted three anti-muslim videos

Donald Trump's Twitter account just retweeted three anti-muslim videos

During his tenancy as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump has come under fire for a whole range of reasons. Right from the beginning, his legitimacy as President was questioned after he lost the popular vote, and, following a number of White House staff disagreements, a host of reactionary executive orders and some dubious claims surrounding "the wall" and travel ban, his approval ratings have been falling ever since.

More than anything, though, the thing that seems to cause the most uproar amongst the American people (and, indeed, the rest of us watching from around the world) are the President's inflammatory tweets.

As if announcing impromptu bans on trans people in the military and goading Kim Jong Un with insults via social media wasn't already enough of a risky move for Trump, his Twitter account now gone one step further by retweeting three posts from Jayda Fransen.

For those who aren't familiar with Fransen, she is the deputy leader of Britain First - a far-right political group based in the UK. The party's platform is primarily based on bigotry and racism, with Britain's Muslim population being the target for many of their attacks - both politically and physically.

Fransen is especially vocal about her hatred of Muslims, and frequently shares her views on Twitter. Earlier today, she posted three videos depicting various individuals of Islamic faith committing violent or disrespectful acts and, of course, she used them to demonize an entire race of people.

The videos were then retweeted by Trump's Twitter account.

Fransen tweeting the videos in order to incite hatred against a group of people is bad enough, but for Donald Trump - the President of a country which is home to over three million Muslims - to host the message on his own platform is just horrifying.

In doing so, Trump is essentially validating the stance of an extremist party and publicly supporting the victimization of a group that already faces mass prejudice in the USA.

Not to mention the fact that Fransen has actually been criminally convicted of hate crimes before. Just last year, the deputy leader of the party was charged with religiously aggravated harassment against a mother-of-four who was wearing a hijab. Her viewpoints are considered utterly unpalatable by the majority of the British population and one would expect Trump to be conscious of this when spreading her message.

The videos are especially troubling at this point in time, as hate crimes against minorities have increased since Trump's election. Sadly, this sort of message coming from the President is only likely to push that number even higher.

Calling out individuals for disrespectful or illegal actions is fair enough, but using the actions of one person to justify hatred against millions of others who happen to be a part of the same religion is simply absurd. As President of a country that has huge racial diversity, Donald Trump should be careful about the messages he sends out to his supporters.