Drug dealers are attempting to fire narcotics into the US using bazookas

Drug dealers are attempting to fire narcotics into the US using bazookas

It looks like smugglers are just getting more and more creative with how to get their goods from Mexico over the border to the US.

We already saw the 4,000 pounds of marijuana cleverly packaged to look like 34,000 limes in February this year. Another tried to smuggle meth over to America by disguising it as penis-shaped candles.

Then there was the medieval-ages-aficionado who built a giant catapult to hurl bags of weed over the border fence, and the group a few years ago who made do with a drug-shooting potato gun.

And now, the potato gun appears to have gotten an upgrade. A group of imaginative drug smugglers took the idea of using a contraption to projectile their packages and got themselves a bazooka to do the job. Yes, a bazooka, the rocket launcher weapon used in warfare to bring down tanks and aircraft.

Mexican authorities last week seized the long-range weapon close to the Arizona border, according to the Arizona Daily Star. It was stashed inside a cargo van alongside around 1,800 pounds (816 kilograms) of weed and 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Authorities believe that the traffickers intended to aim the weed cannon through the van's sunroof and fire large packages of the stuff across the border into Douglas, Arizona. The large weapon was found by police in the nearby Mexican town of Agua Prieta, which shares a border crossing with Douglas.

Finding the bazooka has helped police resolve another mystery they've been scratching their heads about: when cops in Douglas saw a huge 100lb (45kg) bushel of weed soaring over the border after watching footage from a security camera.

This is the second bazooka police have found in Mexico that was intended for drug-smuggling. They found a similar cannon-like weapon – also built into a van – in the same town in Mexico last year. At the time, ABC News released a video of the bazooka and the accommodating van. It was modified so all seats bar the driver's are missing. Must've been a tight squeeze.

Despite the fact that this first bazooka was apprehended by police, the smugglers obviously still thought it was a brilliant idea.

The bazookas both appeared to be homemade, but it's unclear if they were made by the same people, or if it's just a new kind of arms race for dealers. This powerful long-range projectile weapon certainly has something over that potato gun.

In any case, the pot-shooting bazooka has been confiscated and the mastermind behind that planned is going to have to go back to the drawing board and figure something else out. Looks like authorities will keep cracking down, so their techniques are just going to have to be better.

Or, you know, more initiatives in America could be imposed so that people can buy good weed from their home turf, rather than having to rely on the illegally smuggled stuff. They might like to take a leaf out of Canada's book and start some college courses teaching people how to grow weed themselves.