Ellen DeGeneres has explained why she wouldn't welcome Trump on her show.

Ellen DeGeneres has explained why she wouldn't welcome Trump on her show.

It would be safe to say that the presidency of Donald Trump has been a fairly controversial one so far. Even before he was officially put into office, Trump was grabbing the headlines due to accusations surrounding his ties with Russia, who many people believe had a role to play in his campaign, as well as the sexually inappropriate language that he used to describe how he approached women.

However, while there has been a host of celebrities to come forward and criticise the President ever since his inauguration last year, others have chosen to remain quiet.

Ellen DeGeneres is a highly successful talk show host who is used to hitting the headlines for what people have said on her show, rather than the words that she says herself. Whether it's Kim Kardashian revealing the sex of her baby, or other celebrities giving her some sort of inside scoop, The Ellen Degeneres Show is a hugely popular programme due to its exclusives.

So, when former Fox News host Megyn Kelly appeared on her show to discuss her upcoming NBC programme, 'Megyn Kelly Today', not many people were expecting the interview to be dominated by something which Ellen said.

The conversation between to two talk show hosts inevitably turned to Donald Trump, with Ellen asking Megyn "Would you have him on your show?"

Kelly answered rather empathically, saying: "Definitely. I mean, I wouldn't say no to the sitting president of the United States."

It appeared at the Degeneres was shocked by Megyn's response, with her asking: "Really?"

"Absolutely not," said Kelly. "Would you [say no]?'

Ellen's response was even more emphatic than Megyn's, with her saying: "Yeah."

The studio audience seemed to enjoy DeGeneres' response, with there being a chorus of loud cheers after she delivered it. After pausing to let things settle down, the talk show host went on to explain exactly why she wouldn't want Trump to be a guest on her show.

"He is who he is, and he has enough attention. And he has his Twitter account and he has ways to get his message across.

"There’s nothing I’m going to say to him that’s going to change him, and I don’t want to give him a platform because it validates him. And for me to have someone on the show, I have to at least admire them in some way. And I can’t have someone who I feel is not only dangerous for the country and for me personally, as a gay woman, but to the world.

"He’s dividing all of us. … I don’t want him on the show.”

Ellen goes on to complete the interview with Kelly, but there is no doubt that this was the headline-grabbing remark.

It's pretty rare that you see Ellen on the other side of an interview and fair play to her for giving an honest and eloquent answer, even though it is likely to end up with her receiving a catalogue of abuse from Trump fans.