Florida man calls 911 asking to be connected to Donald Trump as police chase him

Florida man calls 911 asking to be connected to Donald Trump as police chase him

Imagine you're a fugitive of justice and you're wanted by the law. You come close to being apprehended after police stop you, but then you zoom off in your car and a car chase begins. Now what? You're panicking with a police car on your tail. Should you call someone (hands-free, of course)? Your mother? Your president? Obviously, yes.

That was the case for a 33-year-old man in Florida who was being pursued by police early on Tuesday morning. The man, Aric Frydberg, decided to phone 911 during the ordeal and asked a dispatcher to connect him with the White House so he could speak with his "close friend", President Donald Trump.

"We made a deal,” he said of the President, clearly in the hopes that he would help him out of his sticky situation.

It all began when Frydberg was just minding his own business, enjoying a bit of the devil's lettuce in his car parked in a post office parking lot. A deputy police officer with nostrils a sniffer-dog would be envious of was wandering the area and caught a whiff of a marijuana-like scent coming from the vehicle, and decided to take a look.

He peeked inside and saw the 33-year-old sitting next to a little bag containing something green and leafy. The officer tried to snatch the baggie, but Frydberg wasn't really up for having it confiscated. He grabbed it and stuffed it into his mouth, according to local station WINK.

Then Frydberg hit the pedal to the metal, speeding away and calling 911 in a panic.

“I need help, please,” Frydberg told the guy on the phone. “There’s a police officer chasing me.”

The 911 operator had to tell the man to calm down several times, insisting he pull over. But according to local station WFTX, the getaway driver was having none of it. Rather, he started making his own requests.

“Call my mom, call my mom,” he said. “Please call my mom.”

That didn't work, so he tried someone with more influence.

“Donald Trump is a close friend of mine. We made a deal,” he said.

He then randomly started blaming "the Jews": “It wasn’t his fault, it was the Jews who f**ked me, not Donald Trump, it was the Jewish community.”

Next, he called for mother dearest again.

“My mom called me and said she was in a car accident in Homestead,” he said. “My flesh and blood was in a car accident and I have to stop and help you.”

In any case, the 911 operator didn't help Frydberg out with any of his bizarre requests. After a seven-mile car chase and a seven-minute long emergency phone call, Collier County sheriff's deputies eventually caught the man suspected of using and having marijuana. Recreational use and possession of marijuana are still illegal in Floria, and the plant can only be used for medical purposes.

The deputies booked him for a number of charges including aggravated assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting with violence, tampering with evidence, and possession of marijuana (which is still illegal in Florida). He's now in jail on a $99,500 bail.

Pro tip next time you're calling 911 for help – don't ask for Trump, blame Jews or make up that your mother has been in an accident. It didn't work for Frydberg, and it probably won't for you.