Journalist reveals details of Trump's inappropriate behaviour years before 'Access Hollywood' tapes

Journalist reveals details of Trump's inappropriate behaviour years before 'Access Hollywood' tapes

It's setting up to be a rough few days for President Donald Trump. Yesterday, the world reacted in dismay at his retweeting of a right-wing extremist party deputy leader who was tweeting anti-Islam propaganda, and now a story has emerged that appears to paint the President in a pretty bad light.

Reportedly, the former real estate mogul - who is set to celebrate his first year in office in the coming weeks - made a lewd comment to Michael Corcoran, a writer for the now-defunct Maximum Golf magazine. The writer and another editor of the story confirmed that the comment was made by Trump after he had singled out a "young socialite" who was at the club during a dinner party and caught his eye.

However, while Corcoran claims that Trump made the remark, it never actually got published with the story. Joe Bargmann, the editor of the magazine, claims that he was not allowed to put the comment into the profile story of Trump.

Roughly five years before the infamous Access Hollywood tape emerged, in which Trump bragged about "grabbing p**sy", it is being reported that the businessman-turned-president had previously boasted to a writer that "there is nothing in the world like first-rate p**sy."

"I was asked to change the last word of the story from 'p**sy.' When I refused, my top editor changed the quote," Bargmann told The Daily Beast.

During the story, which saw Corcoran follow Trump for a number of days, the writer noted that he was not the only person who was invited to fly on Trump's private jet from New York to Florida that weekend. Corcoran claims that the plane had to wait at the marine terminal for paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his friend Ghislaine Maxwell, both of whom were later convicted of paying minors for sexual massages that included rape as part of a pyramid scheme.

Cocoran said that at the time of the article being written, he didn't know who Epstein or Maxwell were. The writer says that he remembers the now-President standing at the doorway of the plane, yelling to the pair: "You broke the cardinal rule, Jeffery! Never be late for someone else's plane!"

The profile on Trump also details how he would continuously brag about the number of properties he owns as well as asking his golfing pals if they thought that Melania, his then-girlfriend, was attractive.

It's not the first time Trump has been reported to use inappropriate language when discussing women. Back in October, when the Access Hollywood tape was released, he was heard saying that women will let you "grab 'em by the p**sy when you're famous".

Trump was quick to apologise for his for his "locker room talk", saying: "I said it, I was wrong and I apologise."

Despite the allegations of sexual misconduct and gross language that have been aimed at Trump in recent months, the President seemed to celebrate the firing of NBC host Matt Lauer for "inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace".

However, he has also defended Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has recently been accused of numerous accounts of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

It remains to be seen if the President will respond to these most recent accusations.