Kid kicks chair out from student who refuses to stand for the pledge of allegiance

Kid kicks chair out from student who refuses to stand for the pledge of allegiance

When I was a senior in high school, I began sitting for the pledge of allegiance. It was no great act - it had literally no effect on anything. But I did it, at the time, for two good reasons. The first was because the American education I was receiving was not competent enough to inform me about my own history. Without adequate knowledge, I could not pledge my life to something that the institution where the pledging takes place would only explain pieces of.

The second reason was out of a simple desire to rebuke the thoughtless and uncritical machination of a bunch of kids who know virtually nothing standing and pledging their allegiance to a nation-state every single morning. It's truly bizarre. You just don't know enough about the world as a teenager to do that. It's a ritual without meaning - nobody at that point seriously understands freedom of speech, the constitution, liberal democracy or the open society.

Without that knowledge, a pledge is a worthless gesture.

Here, you can see what took place at a Maryland high school where a student chose to sit for the pledge of allegiance:

I'm not sure I can say what I would do if a weirdo wearing an American flag sweatshirt and shorts swept my chair legs out from under me and cast me to the floor, unpatriotic cur that I am. The violent punk explained:

“Some people don’t understand how disrespectful it is to sit during the pledge or national anthem and deserves to get there [their] ass kicked. More of y’all need (stand up) to these jackasses that sit during the pledge.if you have an issue with what I did today talk to me about it not your little buddy’s behind my back. #standthef***up #america #dumbass #hedeservedmore #bitch”

So, he can barely write or speak coherently. Which is why he resists the very First Amendment that he believes he is pledging his allegiance to. Foolish.

Folks, come on, can we be honest? Children are not wise or knowledgeable enough to pledge allegiance to a nation. Would you accept a kid from any other country pledging their unfailing allegiance to a military state before they're old enough to legally join the army, drink or live without their parents?

National obedience requires informed consent, something that no teenager is intellectually capable of doing. You jut don't know enough. You haven't learned enough about the world to pledge unconditional allyship to a state. That kind of patriotism is strongest when informed and earned - forcing it leads to the slow decay of civic character.

When pledging allegiance is compulsory or punished by force, then it loses all meaning. No longer is there a powerful informed relationship between the citizen and the state - there is only the fear of punishment or pain if one refuses. Therefore, love of country becomes fear of the rod.

The student who sat for the pledge explained his own actions:

“I was practicing my right to free speech, a right given to me by the soldiers that I do respect. So I invite all to join me tomorrow, and #sitthef**kdown if you believe that free speech is a fundamental right of the people, and that it should be protected.”

Constitutionally, in the American spirit, this kid is correct. Violence designed to stifle silent protest is categorically anti-American. How comical, and a testament to human ignorance, that the man who thinks himself a patriot actually detests the founding spirit of his own country, and prefers force over informed agreement.