A lipstick attacking Trump has raised $40,000 for Charlottesville

A lipstick attacking Trump has raised $40,000 for Charlottesville

President Donald Trump's administration has proved itself to be more divisive than ever in the aftermath of the Charlottesville protests. After asserting that "both sides" are to blame for the tragedy wherein three people were killed and 19 others injured, the 45th President of the United States has been lambasted for failing to condone the actions of the white supremacist groups that were involved.

On Saturday, August 12th violence broke out after a Unite The Right rally organized by white nationalists was met by furious counter-protestors. The alt-right took to the Virginian city to protest the removal of a statue of the Confederate leader, General Robert E. Lee.

The violence escalated quickly and culminated in the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer, who was killed after a sworn white supremacist by the name of James Fields veered his car into groups of counter-protestors. Fields has subsequently been charged with second-degree murder.

"I will tell you something", Trump began at a press conference at his Trump Tower. "You had a group on one side that was bad, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent." Whilst Trump clearly denounced the violence in this controversial statement, he refused to name-and-shame the alt-right groups who proudly wielded torches and shouted: "Jews won't replaces us!". 

He continued: "nobody wants to say that. I'll say it right now," whilst his advisors stared at the floor, ashen faced and all too aware that such assertions would lead to far-reaching political condemnation. And condemnation did they receive. ABC News released a poll in conjunction with the Washington Post on Monday, showing that only 28 per cent approved of how Trump dealt with the Charlottesville protests, while a whopping 56 per cent disapproved.

This 56 per cent have found rather novel ways to express their disapproval. A father disowned his son for being involved in the Unite The Right rally in a passionate letter, while Spotify removed all white supremacist hate groups from the steaming platform. Now, three business-savvy students from San Luis Obispo, California, have created lipsticks under the name Lip Slut to raise money for the Charlottesville victims.

Clearly achieving their aim to be "fashion, subversion, and a middle finger to the current political landscape," Lip Slut sells only one product: a liquid lipstick in the shade "F*ck Trump". Described as a "balanced, mid-tone nude pink", the shade highlights all of the things that Trump's presidency has not been; balanced, warm, flattering, smooth and consistent.

If you're not already sold, Lip Slut states that they are "50% towards charity, 100% against tyranny, and of course, 100% cruelty free."

Before the events at Charlottesville, customers could donate 50 per cent of the proceeds towards a women's charity. However, in the aftermath of the protests, Lip Slut has allowed people to donate 100 per cent of the proceeds to victims of the tragedy. They can choose to pay off medical bills or help out BLM Charlottesville or the Albemarle-Charlottesville arm of the NAACP.

One of the founders of Lip Slut, Katie Sones talked to her college newspaper Mustang News about the motivation behind the company: “People are going to buy lipstick either way, so if you could do that and have the money go somewhere that you support, that would be perfect,” she said. 

"We want to integrate philanthropy into everyday life; why not support something you care about?”

And certainly, Lip Slut have stated that sales have been up tenfold since they introduced this charitable structure. You can discover the lipsticks here.

In other coverage on Charlottesville, Spotify has decided to remove white supremacist bands from the streaming service in the aftermath of the violent clashes.