A list of things that are harder to get than a gun in America

A list of things that are harder to get than a gun in America

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting that has left nearly sixty dead and over five-hundred injured, a new conversation about gun control has risen, and seems destined to hold the national attention until the next disaster. There are a number of seemingly ordinary household things that are far easier to acquire in America than a gun. Many have aggregated these items to prove a point about how universal background checks are not sufficient enough to stop mass shootings.

Of course, Stephen Paddock, and many other mass shooters, could have passed a background check, and illegal automatic firearms wouldn't be regulated by gun laws either. Despite the deluge of emotional appeals, there is still an actual debate here as to whether or not these gun control measures would actually prevent massacres. In Europe, terrorists simply use bombs or vehicles where guns aren't accessible as well.

But, to highlight the excessive ease of getting a gun, here's a list of items that are harder to get than a literal killing machine.

That's right, Sudafed is harder to get than a gun, because you can make meth out of it. It's heavily regulated.

Healthcare is also harder to get. it takes so much research, paperwork and so many phone calls just to get basic health insurance. A gun? Walk in, walk out.

Cars are also much harder to buy and use. Between a license, registration, car insurance and inspections, cars are far more heavily regulated and require far more maintenance than a firearm.

Even birth control pills are harder to get, because you need a prescription from a doctor. You need no notes to get an AR-15.

Kinder Surprise Eggs, a type of candy, are also banned, because apparently they come with a little toy car inside that could be dangerous. Crazy, right? Seriously, they're banned in the U.S.

Pets are also harder to get than a gun. Yeah, it's harder to get a kitten than a pistol. You need references and a good background check, of course.

All abortions take a 24-hour waiting period. There's also counseling and ultrasound.

Marijuana, also, is illegal, so much harder to get than an AR-15. It's more harmless than guns as well, right?

Tickets to Hamilton are also harder to get than a gun. You have to shell out thousands of dollars and wait for months, after all.

So, there's a lot that's way more contraband in America than a gun. But, ultimately, are lists like these just comfort food for liberals? Most gun crime is committed with handguns, not assault rifles, and unless your ultimate goal is to confiscate all guns (which would never work) you won't stop the majority of gun-related crimes.

Conservatives and liberals react to single cases of gun violence when considering gun policy, and it results in foolish solutions that only work to prevent one specific incident, not gun violence in general. Banning AR-15s may stop one shooter, or just encourage him to hit the black market. The country has been saturated with guns for centuries - it would not be hard to buy one illegally. And then there's the vast majority of crime committed with handguns.

Whatever you do, understand that this, and all issues are way more complex than smug listicles and late night hosts make them feel.