Logan Paul teases comeback with controversial video

Logan Paul teases comeback with controversial video

If you've been away from the internet for the last month or so, hiking in some remote Bolivian rainforest, and don't know who this blonde haired abomination is, I applaud you.

Logan Paul jumped into the mainstream public consciousness last month, after posting a video to his YouTube channel which displayed a dead suicide victim hanging from a tree. The backlash from the video was severe and swift, with anyone and everyone jumping in to condemn the actions of a clearly fame-hungry young man.

The now disgraced YouTube star first issued a pretty pathetic apology, followed by a slightly more heartfelt effort (no doubt after his management reminded him how to behave and act like a compassionate human being). Now though he has teased his return to the video platform, weeks after YouTube announced sanctions against the 22-year-old.

Speaking in the wake of the video, a company statement read:

"In light of recent events, we have decided to remove Logan Paul's channels from Google Preferred.

"Additionally, we will not feature Logan in season four of Foursome and his new Originals are on hold."

Despite the vast amount of public and professional scorn he has received in the last few weeks, Paul seems hell-bent on resuming his career as a YouTube personality. This was confirmed yesterday when he posted a video to his Twitter profile, captioned simply, "THE RETURN".

The voiceover (which is predictably over the top) states:

"One man, well, boy…one boy, who is also a giant chatch, the legend, the myth…"

I don't know about you people, but if I'd made a horrendous video which scarred children and angered pretty much the entire world, I would take longer than a month before I made an obvious attempt to shrug it off. As you can probably imagine, people weren't that pleased to hear the news that Logan Paul was planning a comeback.

I'd be remiss, however, if I said everyone was depressed to learn that Logan was resuming his career. For some unknown reason, there are people out there who are actually pleased to see him returning to our newsfeeds.

This is just one example, but it's safe to say there are others.

I think one of the main reasons people have found it impossible to accept Paul's apology for the initial video is because of his self-serving nature. This is a kid who makes serious money making YouTube videos, and everything that he posted in the wake of the incident screamed self-interest and self-preservation, including this ill-advised attempt to market himself as a contributor to the important discussion on mental health.

While I think everyone deserves a second chance in life, some would question whether Logan Paul should be allowed to expose his brand to impressionable children across the globe. Maybe we'd all be better of if he just took a permanent sabbatical - sadly though, his army of loyal fans (and there are millions out there) will make sure this never becomes a reality.