Melania and Ivanka Trump tweeted about Black History Month and got completely roasted

Melania and Ivanka Trump tweeted about Black History Month and got completely roasted

On Thursday, we waved farewell to January and welcomed the arrival of the second month of 2018. February brings with it many exciting events - the Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, finally seeing the back of January, the most miserable month of the year - but there is one event that is the most important of all: the celebration of black history.

Ever since 1976, every US President has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month, a time that America remembers the important contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout the nation's history. Traditionally, this is a time of commemoration, peace and love. However, you can always count on the Trump family to cause some sort of controversy at any time of the year.

Although you'd normally automatically assume it was President Donald Trump who inspired widespread arguments, this time it was his daughter and wife who kicked things off.

When Melania Trump and her step-daughter Ivanka tweeted about Black History Month, they weren't exactly met with the reception they may have expected. In fact, they were pretty much roasted in every way possible by the internet.

Melania was the first to post on social media writing a short but sweet message that read: "Today marks the start of #BlackHistoryMonth Let this be a time to come together in a celebration of diversity."

Her tweet was seemingly harmless, but social media users knew better and immediately jumped upon the fact that former model is married to a man who has made numerous degrading and offensive comments about Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans and several other minority groups, as well as recently naming some countries "s**tholes".  Needless to say, they had a few choice words for the First Lady.

Reactions on Twitter ranged from complete disbelief, to utter hilarity, to some well-thought-out gifs. In addition, plenty of users urged Melania to teach her husband about the diversity she spoke of in her post.

You'd have thought the Trump family would have learned their lesson by this stage and have acknowledged the fact that posting about Black History Month on social media was probably not the greatest idea in the world. You'd be wrong.

Donald Trump's daughter, who works as an advisor to her father, followed suit later in the day, posting: "During #BlackHistoryMonth, we celebrate heroes like Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who were sojourners for freedom – and we resolve to continue to bring greater equality, dignity, and opportunity to all Americans, regardless of race or background."

Again, needless to say, Twitter was not - in any way, shape or form - impressed. In fact, if it were possible, this time they were even more vicious, armed with the idea that the First Daughter was “complicit” in her father’s agenda. In addition, many accused Ivanka of making Black History Month about all Americans, rather than just black people.

The incident on Twitter won't be welcomed by the Trump family, which has had a stressful week; over the past few days, President Trump has been accused of having an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels and the first couple and their son Baron have flown to their beloved Mar-a-Lago estate for a getaway.

For their sake, let's hope they stay off Twitter while away on their relaxing weekend. This time around, things on social media were pretty brutal, but there is no doubt that Trump opposers have a lot of more hate to give.