A royal has accused Kevin Spacey of groping him during Nobel Peace Prize party

A royal has accused Kevin Spacey of groping him during Nobel Peace Prize party

For the last two months, headlines and the public consciousness have been consumed by stories of sexual harassment and abuse. The Weinstein scandal, wherein the now disgraced film-mogul had his history of systemic sexual misconduct exposed by the New York Times, provoked a domino effect; emboldening victims from all walks of life to come forward to share their experiences.

One of the biggest household names to be affected by the veritable maelstrom is Kevin Spacey. The once-renowned actor has been struck by claims that he sexually harassed numerous young men. The first allegation was made by actor Anthony Rapp, who was 14-years-old at the time. Rapp, who is best known for his role in Star Trek: Discovery, disclosed to Buzzfeed that Spacey climbed on top of him and attempted to make advances before he was able to "wriggle free".

And now, at least 15 other men have reported similar occurrences. Victims include filmmaker and director Tony Montana, British barman Daniel Beal and actor Roberto Cavazos. But it appears that we have another figure to add to this disturbing long list, and it's none other than royalty.

A former member of the Norwegian royal family has claimed that he was sexually harassed by the House of Cards actor.

Ari Behn, who divorced Princess Märtha Louise of Norway in 2016, recently alleged in an interview that Kevin Spacey groped his genitals during a Nobel Peace Prize party a decade ago. Describing how he was propositioned by the 58-year-old, Behn explained that Spacey had been hosting the annual Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, and had sat down to chat with the former royal.

Speaking to Norwegian radio station, P4, Behn said: "We had a nice conversation, he was sat next to me." However, it quickly escalated into something more unsavoury.

"After five minutes, he says 'Hey, let's go out and have a cigarette', and then he touched me right on the balls under the table," the 46-year-old writer continued.

Behn, who is a non-smoker, said that he brushed off the incident, and simply replied "eh, maybe later?" in order to rid himself of Spacey's company.

Kevin Spacey incited further criticism for the way in which he responded to the allegations. Several hours after Anthony Rapp's claims came to light, Spacey posted a rather transparent apology on Twitter, wherein he alleged that he didn't remember the incident, whilst also denouncing it as "inappropriate drunken behaviour".

In the same note, Spacey chose to announce that he had officially come out, stating that he now chooses to "live as a gay man". This move to shift attention from Rapp's claims was met with widespread criticism; it was denounced not only as a calculated PR move, but also because it also reinforced dangerous stereotypes that attempt to conflate homosexuality with paedophilia.

Kevin Spacey has yet to issue a statement on this recent allegation.