Snapchat video of couple shooting from their car window has been leaked

Snapchat video of couple shooting from their car window has been leaked

When we talk about resentment and societal malaise, so often we conceive of it as a safe, containable force, perhaps the trolling of a few thousand, or a chronic depression, or a toxic online community.

And yet, resentment in its purest form has the power to undermine everything you think you know about civil society. Resentment and gratitude are the two major dimensions of civilizational stability. If there is no gratitude, because there appears to be no hope, and the world seems a slim shadow of its former self, then resentment rises like a dark cloud to occur the place of responsibility and civic duty. Resentment produces the elements of chaos: crime, violence and an unstable day-to-day existence.

Resentment has the power to destroy the whole world.

This video depicts an instance of raw anti-human resentment. It pauses and shows a map occasionally, showing the couples' precise location. They appear to be in Houston, Texas, on Memorial Drive, in a residential area on the upper right edge of George Bush Park.

Where there is no responsibility, no meaning and no attachment to a universal goal, humankind fractures and individuals become enemies to themselves and others. Why does the video show the location of these shooters so frequently? There is some sickness in them that yearns to be caught. They want chaos, explosion, an event. They want anything that breaks free of the mundane constraints of the day, and offers something new. An explosive act of desire results in the slugs launched from the windows, into God knows who.

The point is total nihilistic detachment. The song I Get The Bag perfectly captures the mood of the scene: a dark, distant, apocalyptic trap vibe with lyrics about materialistic heights amid the deep paranoia underlying the soundscape of trap music. To be in the trap, literally trapped, has many layers to it. A 'trap' is a house operated by a drug dealer, a place where society's addictions are fed and fuel. These addictions, movements away from responsibility, destroy individuals and those who care for them. The trap, then, constitutes a cyclical existence of impoverished people making drugs to satisfy the worst cravings of others.

Now, an opioid epidemic rampages across the middle of America, a nihilistic fading away from meaning into the needle. How far is heroin addiction from firing senseless bullets into the air for a rush? I say they are born of the same impulse: the resentment of life itself.

It is easy to pretend that this couple are some isolated phenomena, two evil people with nothing to do with you or I. But in fact they are a fragment of the shadow we all share. How could it be anything but?

Donald Trump is President, and his opponents want to clamp down on online freedom and censor 'trolls' and create an unimpeachable fortress of authoritarian information control. Trump himself needs to condemnation - we already know his sins. Between these two forces, of the barbarian and his authoritarian enemies, individual human meaning is trapped in a world of declining wages and evaporated hopes.

When the American dream is dead, resentment thrives. That is the impulse that brought Trump to power - resentment against the now, the urge to transcend by any means necessary. But liberals allowed the dream to wither, and gave fuel to the outsider who would unseat them.

Understand how precarious our age is, and this incident, of hedonistic shooting on a dark night in an American city, begins to look like a canary in the coal mine for storms to come.